Microtouch Solo Review: Never Forget Your Razor When Traveling Again

“The MicroTouch SOLO Is Your Trusty Travel Companion”

The MicroTouch SOLO is a brand new all-in-one smart razor. Made of German stainless steel, this razor trims, edges, and shaves both with and without water, which makes it the perfect traveling razor for the busy man. The SOLO shaves bi-directionally and includes 3 trimming combs all for just $24.99.


When a razor makes this many promises, we knew that we had to try it for ourselves and see if it lived up to the hype. I recently purchased a Microtouch SOLO and absolutely love it. Here, we’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the purchase.

“The MicroTouch SOLO Beard Smart Razor Review”

How It Works

The MicroTouch SOLO works on any body surface. It allows close a shave and gives maintenance like edging beard lines and mustaches, trimming lengthy beard and short facial hair.

The product has 3 plastic guides that will help you to trim and achieve whatever look you like. To use the SOLO you just need to decide what mode of operation you want. If you want a simple shave look, you can use the product without any guide, just run it up and down through your hair until you clear the area of your face.

As the manufacturer’s stated, you don’t have to use water, shaving cream or even a soap since this product won’t give your skin some bumps or burns, unlike regular razors. Regular use of this won’t give you ingrown hair. It obviously doesn’t get as close as a straight razor, but the fact that it doesn’t irritate my skin is a huge win for me, especially in winter when my skin takes a beating.

“The MicroTouch SOLO Design”

The unique design of MicroTouch SOLO makes it the all-around grooming solution in the market. The sharp blades that are used in the cutting attachments are made in Germany. This ensures the consumer that it would clean and shave the face without any nicks and scrapes. Blades that are dull are when cuts and nicks happen. Added to feature is the pivoting head that flexes and moves. The SOLO is a handy rechargeable razor that has a high battery capacity that is perfect for traveling and can be plugged into small charger saddle and since it’s 6.2 inches in size it wouldn’t take up a lot of space in the bathroom or in your bag.

The MicroTouch SOLO Features and Benefits

    • Perfect for refine grooming
    • Completely safe to touch
    • Pivoting head
    • Design and build by German Stainless Steel blades
    • No skin irritation



Tackles even the sturdy beard in one pass


Built-in high power light for precise trimming

Pivoting Head

Touch your neck, back, and chest with ease
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