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Definition of Cocktail Attire for Men Style Guide

What Is The Definition of Cocktail Attire for Men?

In the late 20’s and 30’s, cocktail attire becomes apparent as the dress code for quasi- formal apparel of events. It’s a dress code which can easily be paired with neat, smart and classic pieces, whether in casual and formal looks. In wearing it, balance must be maintained in every aspect. Wear it with balance which conveys traditional and modern story behind those overall cocktail attire. With stability and balance of casual and formal aesthetics, everything goes easier. Cocktail attire is versatile and can be worn comfortably. Black tie dress code is not that popular nowadays. Most men don’t want to be stuck in a formal and tensed look so they prefer to wear breathable, cool fabric and texture like cocktail attire. Combining the traditional and modern style in clothing creates great ambiance and new looks. Here are the ultimate guides on how you wear an elegant in a cocktail attire.

Do I Need to Wear a Tie?

Since we are talking about the cocktail attire, subtle and plain neckties are wearable in cocktail attire. It depends on you if you want to wear a tie or not. Just make sure to compliment the colors with your dress code. The patterns must simple and modern. Patterns such as paisleys, Regimental stripes, and polka dots are less suited for patterned ties. You can wear solid colors, knitted skinny ties, and modern stripes, as well as checks of all sorts for best. But most men out there don’t usually wear a necktie for it is not needed for cocktail attire.

Do I Need to Wear a Bow Tie?

You can also wear a bow tie instead of necktie. Wear a bow tie with just a button up shirt and a vest for a casual look. For suits, navy, black or grey and pair it with blue and white shirts. It’s also good to wear a pinstripe suit with a bow tie. Make sure to match your suit with the color of your shirt to give more focus and attention to your bow tie which enhances the male’s aura. If you are an invitee at a wedding, don’t wear a bow tie (a necktie will do) to attract some attention (we want attention but not in this case). Let the groom be the most handsome at the wedding.

Do I Need to Wear a Tailored Suit?

One of the most pretty suits is the tailored one. Tailored suit helps you look more elegant and it really fits your body shape (not too much). The measurement is exact and the curves and lining are greatly done. If you want a tailored suit, it’s pretty much good but if you don’t, then you can rent one. But make sure to choose a well- fitted suit to be comfortable and not irritated. Wear eyeglasses to fit your outfit.

What Accessories Should I wear?

Accessories should be classic and modern. Try to wear a wristwatch preferably in gold, black and silver colors. These colors are possible to compliment with any color of your cocktail attire. If you want some bling lings, wear not more than  2 bracelets with dark colors. Keep it simple and classic. It’s just a cocktail party, don’t need to overdo your attire.

What Is The Best Hairstyle For My Hair?

Hairstyle also matters. For men, you can go with Quiff and Classic Side Parting. These two hairstyles, can be possible in cocktail attire for these compliment the ambiance. Give fresh and younger look of a guy. To check these out, go with this link,

Suiting and Blazers

Every man’s love is their elegant suits and blazers. Their standards in choosing suits are not joking. Suits and blazers are their strengths in every occasion and events. I know that you’re all ready to choose and purchase a suit, but take a look to some rules and guides on how to wear it. Ready? Here we go! Rules on Wearing Great Suits and Blazers
  • Choose a slim fit suit to compliment your shoulders and body shape.
  • The last button should always be open.
  • Unfasten the buttons while sitting down.
  • Button the shirt at the top.
  • If you’re wearing a dark suit, a light pocket square is advised.
Semi- formal blazers and trousers can give you a wonderful cocktail look especially those tailored ones so choose suits or blazers that are well fitted but not too tight and keep the cocktail attire modern, fresh and casual.
  • Keep things classic with navy blue, grey, black and blue.
  • Put some pocket squares and accessories that fit your cocktail attire and personality.
  • Dark colors are the preferred choices to achieve an elegant cocktail attire.

Cocktail Attire for Men at a Wedding

Dark colors are the preferred choices for men like navy blue, black, grey and blue for it add masculinity and coolness.

Cocktail Attire for Timeless Sporting Event

When attending sport events, don’t let others be cool than you. Don’t need to be formal, just wear a simple shirt under your blazer or suit.

Cocktail Attire for a Cocktail Party

In a cocktail party, you don’t need to be formal, dude. Just take things easy and relax. Cocktail party must be cool, casual and classic by wearing a simple tie or bow tie and pair with a dark suit or blazer.

Semi-Formal Cocktail Attire

From the word itself, you don’t need to overdo your attire as long as you’re comfortable in wearing it and wearing a suit with no tie is also possible for a cocktail party.

Semi-Formal Cocktail Accessories

Accessories can also give a charm by wearing a classic watch to fit your outfit and some bling lings or bracelets to an elegant look.

Casual Cocktail Attire

Casual attire seems very popular nowadays. A casual cocktail attire is just simple to wear. Wear it with confidence and fresh look.


Shirts are very easy to wear but did you notice where it compliment and great to pair with? So, here are some rules and guides on how to wear shirts and how to rock it all! Rules on How to Wear Shirts
  • Make it a good fit (not too tight).
  • Keep the shirt simple.
  • The white shirt is the best to pair with any color of the suit or blazer.
  • Layer it with suit, blazer or coat.
  • Keep the style casual.
One of the basis for a great cocktail attire is shirt. If possible, try to look out some neat and clean colors of shirt to make you more comfortable in any ways.
  • Find a powder blue and white shirts for its adaptability and safe to all combinations.
  • Brighter patterned button down shirts can give classic and edge looks but make sure it’s not too over the top.
  • Bold patterned shirts are also great for its traditionalist image and twist.
  • Wear it with sunglasses to make it more presentable and well groomed.

Powder Blue Shirts

Powder blue shirt is the cutest color a man wears. This color is great especially during summer for its cool and fresh color.

White Shirts

Most men preferred a white color of shirt for its adaptability and is great pair with any color of suit and blazer you may wear.

Brighter Patterned Button Down Shirt

Brighter patterned button down shirt is great for any occasion. But make sure to wear it over with a dark color of suit or blazer to focus the bright patterns of your inner shirt.

Bold Patterned Shirts

Bold patterned shirt is very casual but choose carefully what color you’ll wear because it usually doesn’t fit to any colors but it depends. However, bold patterns give traditionalist image and twist.


“Good shoes take you good places.” Shoes also matter whenever we attend meetings, events or different gatherings. Before choosing your shoes to wear in a special event, consider these rules first. Rules in Wearing Shoes
  • Buy a nice pair of brown and black Oxfords, they go with almost anything.
  • Always choose fit over style. You won’t look great if your feet hurt.
  • Your dress shoes should always be shined and looking good.
  • Your shoes should match your belt. Don’t pair a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa.
  • Match your socks to your shoes.
Men’s shoes should not be overlooked and underestimated because their taste of fashion is not just simple.
  • Men choose Oxford round toe leather for wonderful cocktail looks.
  • If the event is less formal, loafers can be the first choice to be considered but keep them classic, definitive and typical.
  • You can wear colors of brown, navy and black.

Oxford Brown Shoes

Oxford in brown is very classic. When wearing brown shoes you must be creative with your style because this color is selective in pairing it with other colors.

Oxford Navy Shoes

Oxford navy shoe is very definitive for its on point color. Wear some light or bright inner shirts to make it a perfect look.

Oxford Black Shoes

Oxford black shoes are very typical. Don’t you worry what color you’ll wear because black color is for everything. Pair it up with either dark or bright color of shirts, blazers or suits. Be elegant in wearing this color of style for it adds decent and presentable looks.


“Neckties satisfy modern man’s desire to dress in art.” said Harry Anderson. Tie symbolizes a man’s charm and dignity. You can wear whatever style and design either patterned or plain ties. Feeling excited to wear a tie? Here are simple guides and rules on how to wear a tie for any kinds of event. Rules to Wear Ties
  • The tip of your tie should always touch your belt line.
  • If you’re wearing a tie pin/bar, always place it between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.
  • The thin part of the tie should be just a little shorter than the wide part.
  • Your tie should never be visible from under the collar of your shirt.
  • Don’t wear a dress shirt with a wide spread collar when wearing skinny ties.
Most men prefer a relaxed and complimentary looks from day to night and these ties are very popular for cocktail looks nowadays.
  • You can also choose a textured and silky slim ties for it add figure and shape to cocktail attire.
  • Blue, red, green colors of tie makes you look more younger that is not showy and brassy.
  • Few buttons undone and no tie are also great for semi- formal occasions.

Silky Slim Ties

Silky slim ties help you create an edge and style to your overall look. Choose a tie that has creativity and fits your outfit.

Blue Tie

Blue tie makes you more younger, fresh, cool and classic. Stick with this color if you feel comfortable and fit.

Red Tie

Red tie also makes you more attractive. Wear a red tie if you want to look hot and charming.

Green Tie

Green tie makes you more sophisticated because of it’s unique and typical appearance. White inner shirt would be accurate to wear with green tie.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are very important in men’s fashion. It adds style and sexiness to a man’s body and appearance. It’s such a great help and one of the best contributors to a man’s fashion and style. Here are the rules to help you maintain your sex appeal and pleasing personality. Rules on How to Wear Pocket Squares
  • If you are a beginner, solid colors are the simplest option.
  • Any fabric can be used as a pocket square as long it is thin enough to fit in to the breast pocket without bulging out and looking clumsy.
  • If you opt for classic black, then we would always suggest keeping it simple with a white square.
  • A pocket square should always complement your shirt and tie but never match them exactly.
  • Never put a pocket square in a shirt pocket.
Pocket squares are timeless for it add men’s gentleness and charm.  It also gives dimension and depth to cocktail attire. Pocket squares are an effective conversation starters. These can satisfy the needs of both the conservative gentleman and the reckless fashion adventurer. Always remember that pocket squares always make you look more amazing.
  • Be creative and find some interesting  and fascinating designs, colors and prints.
  • For the final look, pocket squares will polish and finalize your overall look for refinement and improvement of your cocktail attire.
  • Put some great and perfect pocket squares to add charm and masculinity.

Simple Silk Pocket Squares

Simple pocket squares match anything. If you go with white pocket square, this will easily match any outfit. If you go with a colored squares, be careful in matching it with other colors that would compliment your outfit. It gives simplicity, cleanliness and suits to any kinds of design and outfit. The pocket square is a perfect complement to your necktie.

Patterned Pocket Squares

Patterned pocket squares have designs and patterns. It will look you more stylish and fashionable. Most men wear patterned pocket squares because it convey the moods and feelings of a person. A pocket square instantly adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your ensemble. It also gives the same suit a different look each day.


Belts support your fashion and style. It gives shape and figure to a man’s body. It also differentiates the upper and lower part of the body. It gives cool, decent, manly and strong appeal. Ready to lock it? Let’s go! Rules on How to Wear a Belt
  • Pick your belts two or three sizes larger than your pants to get a good fit.
  • If you wear male jewelry of any kind — cufflinks, tie tacs, and so forth — the belt should be in the same color family.
  • Silver accents should go with a silver belt buckle and gold with gold.
  • Leather should always match leather.
  • Glossy belts should be paired with highly-polished shoes; matte shoes go with matte belts. If you’re wearing casual shoes that aren’t made of leather, you have more freedom to work with. Cloth shoes can be paired with cloth belts of a different color.
Stick to the classics when it comes to wearing a belt.
  • It would be good if you’ll invest in expensive yet authentic and genuine kind of belt.
  • Classic belts give a vintage and excellent look when paired to any cocktail attire.
  • Go for a high quality and solid detailed belt for more contemporary look.

Fragrance and Cologne

Who doesn’t want to have a great fragrance and scent? Man should be aware in choosing and purchasing fragrance and cologne for these symbolize charm and asset to beautiful women. Here are some tips and rules to follow what fragrance or cologne to choose. Rules to Choose the Best Fragrance and Cologne
  • Don’t spray perfume in your hair.
  • Do not drench yourself in your favorite fragrance.
  • Make sure your perfume goes well with the occasion you are attending.
  • Make sure you select a fragrance that talks a lot about the kind of person you are.
  • The minute you open your perfume bottle and you feel that the fragrance isn’t the same anymore, it’s time to get a new bottle.
Of course, we must not forget this! This is one of the most vital and essential components as a man. In a cocktail attire, one must choose a great perfume, fragrance and cologne that don’t have a strong smell.
  • Remember, most women are attracted by the looks, attitude and smell of a man.
  • Go for a clean and memorable scent that will add confidence and pleasing appearance and aroma.
  • Keep things easy with a minimal scent that will provide an edge and fresh looks to your cocktail attire.

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