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Beard Parade 2017: Here’s How to Grow Every Style of Beard (and Fast)


Just like Jon Hamm said at the Golden Globes this year, it truly is the parade of beards in 2017.

Growing a beard is a sign that you control your own style, most likely work at a cool startup and definitely have a badass look.

So we covered all the different beard styles that are popular this year, and even teach you how to grow a beard fast (like 3 day weekend-fast).

Most Popular Beard Styles of 2021 Infographic

beard style infographic

How to Grow a Beard Fast

Try these tools to grow your beards

Here’s the deal: All hair grows at the same rate. We all know that one guy who can grow a luscious beard by not shaving for 3 days, but that doesn’t mean his hair grows faster. It doesn’t. His hair, however, does grow thicker. There are many products that you can use to help your own hair grow thicker as well, so your beard becomes more apparent sooner.

1. Exercise more


This is not a trick. It’s a proven fact that getting yourself into tip-top shape automatically increases testosterone in the body, therefore helping your hair to grow in thicker in more ways than one. Not only does the increased blood flow that exercise provides help to distribute the vitamins and protein in your body, but high intensity interval training (like lifting weights, for example) raises your testosterone levels and prevents them from declining again.

2. Get enough sleep


7-10 hours a night should do the trick. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, your testosterone levels will plummet, preventing you from getting that thick beard you so desire.

3. Get rid of stress


Chronic stress is not only outright bad for you, but it forces your hormone levels to suffer as well. Even worse than that, stress is linked to hair loss. So if you need an excuse to cut some stress factors out of your life, you can do it for your beard.

4. Eat better


Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. Remember when you were little and your mom told you that you had to eat all of your vegetables so you could grow up to be big and strong? Even if you are now big and strong, your beard isn’t. Think of it as your child. You must eat all of your veggies so your beard can reach its fullest potential and grow up to be big and strong, too.

5. Hair growth stimulants


If you’re in a real pinch and “natural” methods aren’t working, you may want to consider taking some kind of hair growth stimulant. Minoxidil, better known as Rogaine, helps stimulate hair growth… All over your body. Use this at your own risk. If you really feel like this is your only option, you can apply some to your face, leave it on for 4 hours, then wash it off once a day. That said, make sure you do your own research. This doesn’t come without its fair share of risks and you should be fully informed before you dive in.

How to Grow a Balbo

Give your cheeks and neck a close shave with a rotating shaver, moving in a delicate, roundabout movement. Utilize a small scale thwart shaver to carefully shave around the edges of your beard and mustache. You’ll have to shave routinely and keep the edges of your Balbo beard in top shape with an accuracy shaver.

How to Grow a Lumberjack Beard

Exfoliate your skin once every week. This will help remove dead cells and empower hair development. Wash your skin with warm water using a light chemical twice per day. Clean skin quickens hair development. Eucalyptus advances facial hair development, so use a cream with eucalyptus as the main ingredient and rub it all over to develop your beard more quickly.

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How to Grow a Chin Curtain

Trim your facial hair to a 3-5mm even look, with the goal that you can center in around your curtain style. Make your Chin Curtain Beard style by characterizing the edges: use a full-size or accuracy trimmer to make a line before your sideburns from the center of your ear to around 2 crawls over your jaw line.

You could also try out one of these beard oils to keep your beard healthy and looking fresh.


How to Grow a Chinstrap Beard

Give yourself an even trim with a beard trimmer, utilizing a setting of 3-5mm. Shave the your cheeks and neck clean with a turning shaver, moving in a delicate, roundabout movement. You’ll need to use the smaller than expected thwart shaver to carefully shave along the edges of your Chin Strap beard.

How to Grow Clean Shaven

A clean shaven facial hairdo contains no facial hair at all other than eyebrows and short, flawlessly trimmed sideburns. As the name proposes, the face is neatly shaven. To stay clean shaven, daily shaving is required.

How to Grow Friendly Muttonchops

Give your sideburns a chance to grow down to the sides of your mouth while you let your mustache develop as well. Allow the sideburns to mingle with the mustache until you cannot tell where one ends and the other begins. End the sideburns with a vertical line characterized at each side of the mouth. The main part of the sideburns ought to be characterized along your jaw line.

How to Grow Fu Manchu

Grow out your beard. The hair on the upper lip can and probably will look thin and fragile in the beginning, but don’t worry. Grow out all your facial hair, then trim whatever remains of the beard when your mustache has grown out completely. Continue grooming your mustache 2-3 times each week to guarantee that your hair continues to develop. Shave whatever is left of the face every day or two. Trim to shape the mustache. A great trimmer is recommended to shape the mustache and keep the look clean. Shave the beard totally to allow the mustache to hang straight down without connecting to the rest of your facial hair. Prepare the hair to hang straight down with mustache wax. Prepare the hair down into the desired shape and apply wax as you draw down. Continue doing this until hair hangs down to the jaw. At the point when your mustache has completely come in and can hang down without the extension of the beard hair, you have accomplished your coveted Fu Manchu mustache.

How to Grow a Goatee

Shaving oil is the best choice for shaving with a goatee; it’s ‘transparent’, which is precisely what you require in something as specialized as goatee styling. To shape your goatee, remember that the external edges ought to never stretch out past the smile lines of your face. Cutting edge goatees are, well, rather perplexing, so go for symmetry. Make clean corners at the jawline. You may utilize a trimming instrument to make sure that everything is perfect. Keep in mind to move the razors or scissors each which way — hair develops in its own way and you need to catch the majority of the strays. Make sure that your nose hairs and mustache are not connected, because this definitely isn’t a look you want. Form the edges with a hair trimmer. Don’t let yourself grow out the stubble. While it’s great by itself, stubble tends to look untidy when paired with a goatee. Bear in mind to wash your face frequently when you have a goatee: it traps the shaving oil in your skin.

How to Grow a Handlebar mustache

Try not to TRIM IT! Regardless of how enticing it is, don’t trim your mustache. Ever. At the point when your mustache is sufficiently long enough to brush, brush it once every day and make a part by brushing the hair out from under the nose to one side and to the other individually. After you get out of the shower, leave your mustache damp. Beginning above your lip, apply a little touch of mustache wax with the tip of your finger to the upper edge and use a comb to spread it down through the hair. Work it through to each end, applying more wax as required. In the event that your mustache is wiry, use more wax. To include that popular handlebar twist, apply some wax to the ends and twist the hairs together with your fingers. Then twist the contorted hair up and in. You can also make a twist by winding the ends as firmly as possible around a pen. Owning a handlebar mustache is a job. You need to wash it, brush it, wax it, and twist it consistently.

How to Grow a Horseshoe Mustache

Shave off the beard and the area underneath your lower lip, leaving a trail from the sides of your mustache down to your neck. Next, shave the line of the mustache exactly at the jawline for a genuine horseshoe or a half horseshoe, similar to the one Paul Rudd rocks in “Anchorman.”

How to Grow a Mustache

Develop the hair over your lip. Find an area with great lighting and a mirror, such as your bathroom. Wet your mustache. Brush your mustache. Trim your mustache along your lip. Should your mustache begin to grow in too thick, feel free to trim away some volume. Trim the highest point of your mustache. Brush your mustache hair once more.

How to Grow Mutton Chops

Shave your chin and neck clean, leaving the mustache to develop. Develop sideburns that reach out down to your jaw. With a Wahl shaver, make a slanting line by shaving hair clean under the cheekbones. This ought to leave sideburns and a 1 1/2 half inch piece of hair crosswise over both sides of your face. Make sure the sideburns connect with the mustache to make a triangular shape around the jaw and mouth. Continuously make a point to trim the mustache to make a characterized line and a more tidy look.

How to Grow a Neckbeard

Develop your beard for no less than 3 to 4 weeks. Wash and brush your beard to improve the chances that your facial hair will develop straight. Always apply hair oils on your beards; this will make your beard smooth and help it to develop at the suggested rate. After your beards have developed to a sensible size; ensure that you make a layout of your neck beard’s facial haircut before trimming. When trimming your beard, ensure that you take after the outline.

We’ve got some tips here if you’re having trouble keeping your beard perfectly straight.

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How to Grow a Pencil Mustache

With a smaller than normal trimmer, make a descending askew line from your nose to the sides of your mouth. Then bring down your smaller than usual trimmer around 1/8 of an inch to leave an exact thin segment of hair that edges down from your nose to the edges of your mouth.

How to Grow Sideburns

Develop your facial hair for four weeks. Apply beard oil to your skin and facial hair. Brush the hair development. Shave the hair into sideburns when you have enough hair. Trim and style your sideburns. Adhere to a regular schedule for maintenance.

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How to Grow a Soul Patch

Give yourself a decent even trim with a trimmer to around 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch, leaving the hair on your soul patch longer. Then use your trimmer to trim the hairs on your beard until you are left with a group of hair under your base lip. Use your small scale thwart shaver to ensure the edges are slick and clean. Use your beard or stubble trimmer to keep up your favored length. There are no rules – go insane, this is your opportunity to let your individuality shine through. You can shape your soul patch any way you like. With a revolving shaver, shave your cheeks and neck perfectly, moving in a tender, circular movement. A small scale thwart shaver is perfect for shaving the more tight regions around your soul patch.

How to Grow Intentional Stubble

To get stubble, begin by putting that razor away. Try not to shave for 1 week to decide how quick your hair grows. Next, shave your beard utilizing a hair trimmer set to a more drawn out length. Trim your stubble in sections, then use a razor to tidy up the edges.

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How to Grow a Toothbrush Mustache

The toothbrush mustache is a mustache style that is shaved at the edges, about three to five centimeters over the focal point of the lip. The sides of the mustache are vertical as opposed to lower.

How to Grow The Zappa

Give yourself a general trim (around 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch) with a full-estimate trimmer. With your trimmer, you should then trim the layout of your mustache so it stretches out down towards your jaw by around 2 inches. It ought to be around 1 inch wide. Once again using the trimmer, draw a line downwards, beginning at the side of your mouth, exactly at the edge of your lower lip. Leave 2cm between your mustache and the Soul Patch on both sides. Since you have isolated your Soul Patch from your mustache, use your scaled down thwart shaver to make and define the shape on your lower lip. Shave your cheeks and neck clean with a turning shaver, moving in a tender, circular movement. Use the smaller thwart shaver on the areas around your Zappa Beard to tidy up and make a bit more definition.

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