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Mohair Fabric Style Guide: Why Every Man Needs It In Their Wardrobe


Mohair is a special type of fiber that is taken from Angora goats hair. Mohair goats have white wool but due to breeding, now it comes in 4 other natural colors like black, grey, red and brownish ones.

Mohair’s fiber is flexible and shiny and it is up to 10 inches long. Best quality Mohairs are found in South Africa where the goats are given proper nutrition to make them grow faster and produce great quality fibers. There are also Mohairs that can be found in Turkey, Argentina, U.S., New Zealand, and Australia.

The desirable characteristic of Mohairs is perfect for special occasions like weddings or even when you’re traveling.

Uses of Mohair

Mohairs can be used for clothing and decorating interiors such as sofa. This kind of fabric is a pricey but it’s too difficult not to get yourself one because of its lustrousness and durability. Well, good quality pieces like this has totally a price.



Mohair suiting fabrics is also popular for men. It is because mohair fabrics can’t be wrinkled or creased. It is also very light which can be perfect for as a summer oufit or can be worn in warmer weather.

Reasons to Like Mohair

  • Durable – Mohair is known as one of the most durable natural fiber. It is perfect for travelling and business attire.
  • Fights Dirt and Crumpling – The smooth fabric keep the dirt from being stuck and it avoids the fabric to get creased easily due to its flexibility.
  • Act as an insulator – Mohair combined wirth Wool is perfect to keep you comfotable in both warm and cool weather.
  • Silky – Mohair can have a glossy outcome depending on how it is blend. This quality is loved by fabric enthusiast.

How Does Mohair Feel

If you are looking for good quality fabric and you have sensitive skin, Mohair is a good option for you since it has a very soft fiber, it is very light and will surely make you feel warm.

How to Take Care of Mohair

Mohair can be easily taken care of, it can be washed without any hassle since it doesn’t shrink. After soaking, you can use a hard brush to scrub mohair and follow the direction of the fabric nap. Some Mohairs needs to be brought to dry cleaners.

Qualities of Mohair

Mohair is known as the diamond fiber because of its excellent qualities. It’s well polished and it shimmers. Mohair vibrant color is the result of it holding dyes well. Another great quality of Mohair is that it has regulating properties that adjust to whatever climate it is. It is warm to wear it during winter and gets cooler during summer. It can’t be damaged easily due to it’s creased and flame resistance features.

When it comes to Mohair Suits, it is always made from 100% pure fibers. But not all fibers are made equal. Some of them are blended differently.

  • 100% Mohair

    this 100% blend Mohair is very rare and can be harsh on your skin. This is for guys who are an avid fan of the fabric.

  • 70% Mohair, 30% Wool

    This combination is very hard to look for. It is also a bit thick and solid, so it is not that recommendable.

Mohair’s Different Blend Ratios

  • 60% Mohair, 40% Wool

    If you like crisp fabric then this blend is for you. At times this combination is a bit heavy (about 390 grams) but they also have lightweight fabrics available.

  • 35% Mohair, 65% Wool

    Blends with this percentage are softer and affable.This superb kind of mohair fabric is recommended since it retains its lustrousness.

  • 14% Mohair, 86% Wool

    This blend is the most lavish blend and mohair fabric option available. It is the lightest in weight ( approximately 230grams). This is what tailors used to make those good quiality suits.

Mohair on James Bond

Mohair is necessary in a James Bond attire. All actors in James Bond movies wore Mohair suits and tuxedos. It looks damn good on them. The Mohair suits are in their best qualities that made the wearer more sophisticated.

Mohair Patterns

Mohairs basic patterns and colors are usually in blue and solid gray. However, Mohair nowadays has various colors since the fabric itself has an outstanding quality to absorb dyes. Stripes patterns are also available but it is very rare since the production of it went down in the last 25 years. Mohair doesn’t have as many patterns and styles like wool.

Mohair Tuxedos and Tailcoats

If you are looking for a tuxedo or a tailcoat that is luster and crumple free then pieces that are made from Mohair will be right for you. Dark colors like blue or black are the best option when you are going to an evening event. This will make you look well groomed and exceptional.

Other Ways to Pull Off Mohair

Beside from wearing Mohair as an eveningwear, it is also perfect for a summer or hot weather. It is because of its firm and lightweight features. Unlike other thin fabrics, Mohair will give the smooth feeling that the wearer wants. Mohair drapes well that almost tailors are thankful for.

So, the next time you will have your suit tailored you should consider using Mohair fabric and you will make the best choice. This will definitely make you stand out!

Mohair has two kinds, The normal Mohair and the Kid Mohair that is taken from younger goats. This type of Mohair produces the finest fibers but this kind costs a lot too.

Summer Kid Mohair is the best quality Mohair in the world. It has the softest and most desirable fibers. Vitale Barberis Canonico is one of the most the best that produces high-quality Mohair fabrics in the world market.

Vitale Barberis Canonico inspect and make sure that they produce the outstanding fabrics by estimating the length, strength, and yield of each and because of this VBC is known to be at the top when it comes to Mohair blend fabrics.

The Best Mohair

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