What to Do With All Your Old Devices Your Forgot About


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I remember how excited I was when the iPhone X came out. It was the ultra high-end phone that got rid of all its buttons and was going to change the world. Then, this year another iPhone XS came out and I completely forgot about the X. That is, until I stumbled across Trademore. During the holidays, one of my favorite things to do is purge my house. I have got so many old tables, phones and smartwatches taking up space and I’m unloading them with Trademore. Here’s how it works.

Here’s how you sell your device:

  • Visit the sell your device page
  • Select your device (iPhone X sells for $499)
  • Enter your carrier, capacity, color and condition
  • Use the pre-packaged box they send you to ship the device

One thing to note, I did my research and Trademore offers are substantially higher than cellular brands trade-in offers and it’s worth using their service versus just going into your local retail store.

A cool feature is they’ll guarantee you a price for your phone, ie $499 for a perfect iPhone X, but if your phone has defects or slight scratches you may have neglected to include, they will still buy your phone but give you a range, say $249-$499 and they’ll automatically buy it.

If your phone isn’t accepted for $499, they’ll return the phone back to you.

Buying a Used Phone From Trademore

Trademore sells iPhones and Smartphones. I’m an Apple guy and ThreadTherapy has an iPhone and normally I buy all the latest devices just as they come out, but ThreadTherapy not so much.

She probably couldn’t tell you if she has an iPhone X or iPhone 8, which is why I love Trademore’s pre-owned program. Next year I’ll be able to buy an iPhone XS for her for around 45% off retail prices, plus all devices go through a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection (for quality, reliability and functionality) and receive a 100%
inspection score.

With Christmas coming up, I also like to shop for my Mom and Dad, they barely have WIFI so any iPhone is a huge upgrade and Trademore has iPhone SEs for as low as $103.99 making them the perfect Christmas gifts.

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