Paying for Meals Just Got Easier with The OpenTable App


Lunchtime in New York City can be as busy as a bee nest and if you’re lucky enough to get a table without the wait and possible line skipping than doing the final step towards your departure back to the office can sometimes be a neverending story. Your 45-minute break has finished 5 minutes ago and you know your boss won’t appreciate you being late for the 267th time. Thank God there’s a solution!

OpenTable has been an app we’ve loved for awhile to help us grab an open seat, but now they’re even better, allowing you to pay directly on your phone.  Select from the list of 45 participating restaurants in the city, make the reservation using OpenTable and when your meal is ingested simply launch the app to pay for the check, avoiding the epic wait. You can review your check in real time, choose a tip, and slide to pay. When the payment is through you are free to leave the restaurant. You’ll receive your receipt via email. As easy as ordering a cup of coffee and without unnecessary stress of always being late.

Download the OpenTable app.


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