Aperol Spritz Is Your Recipe for a Perfect Summer


When the weather is sweltering and I’m looking to cool down and relax, my drink of choice is an 🍊#AperolSpritz. This is a sponsored post by Aperol USA.

We first discovered the magic of an Aperol Spritz at our favorite local haunt, Lilia New York. They make it using Canada Dry club soda and a special Prosecco that makes their spritzes the best we’ve tasted.

In ever country we visit, whether it’s Italy, Greece or even Uruguay, an Aperol Spritz is what puts us in the mood to relax. It’s a tall drink, built in a glass so it gives you plenty to tip on while lounging by the pool. It’s light, so you can have a couple and still enjoy the night, and overall I think it’s one of the best drinks.

Here’s how you build your own Aperol Spritz at home:

  1. Fill a wine glass with ice
  2. Combine Prosecco DOC followed by Aperol in equal parts
  3. Add a dash of soda
  4. Garnish with an orange slice
  5. Stir and enjoy

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