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Hangover? Here’s How to Avoid the Awful Morning After

On a typical night out, you might start with some wine at 5 pm. You’re probably already tired because it’s the end of the day and pretty soon, you perk up. That’s because, for a brief period, alcohol fuels your cellular energy production of ATP. But then, your blood sugar drops because your liver starts to use your body’s sugar stores to metabolize the alcohol. Since alcohol is a poison to your liver, getting it out of there takes priority over other metabolic processes, like burning fat. So as your blood sugar crashes, you reach for another drink to feel good again… and the night begins.

Sounds pretty familiar, right? However hard it is to avoid excessive drinking (from time to time), there are actions you can take to prevent that awful hangover the morning after. We found an awesome article on www.askmen.com that will save your drinking escapades forever.

Before you drink:

– Make sure you eat the foods that are going to keep your blood sugar stable: protein, vegetables, and saturated fat like coconut oil or butter.
– Help your liver detox and make glutathione by consuming sulfur-rich foods, exercising and taking Glutathione supplements.

When you’re drinking:

– For every drink, pop a vitamin C capsule that is at least 500 mg, this helps produce glutathione and keeps the aging effects of alcohol from ravaging your skin and arteries.
– Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink, because everyone knows that alcohol makes you urinate more frequently.
– The best thing you can drink is a distilled alcohol, since it’s lower in hangover toxins.

Before bed:

– Take an ancient remedy called coconut charcoal which will preferentially bind to the specific toxins in your body and make you feel much better the next morning.
–  Drink more water and consider a snack before bed, it will do a better job of self-repair and detoxing. And while you’re at it, take some more vitamin C.

When you wake up:

– Take one teaspoon of sea salt in a large glass of water. It sounds gross, but it takes an enormous load off your adrenal glands when they’re struggling to raise sodium levels and drop potassium levels in your body.

Read the whole article on www.askmen.com.

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