We Found a Cure for Hangover: Resqwater


I’m sure we’ve all experienced that delightful Sunday morning when you wake up with your head bigger than a hot air balloon and stomach that doesn’t allow any sudden movements. We’we all tried countless recipes and cures only to find they leave us feeling even worse than the hangover itself. Can you imagine if there was a magical cure? Well, you’re gonna love me in a second, because (drum roll please) there is.

Resqwater is an anti-hangover drink that you drink during and after a night of drinking your poison of choice, resulting in a truly delightful morning after, headache and nausea free. Resqwater is all natural, gluten free and certified kosher. It’s formulated to help you return to your old self with a little bit of help from fruit extracts, B vitamins, cane sugar and N-acetyl L-cysteine. While hydrating you’ll receive important ingredients that metabolize acetaldehyde, leaving you feeling fresh like a flower. Cheers to that!

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