The No Shows: Socks That Stay on Your Feet


These cool socks actually stay on my feet which I haven’t found after trying 3 different brands. Pair of Thieves blends bold designs with high-performance elements to make socks that are ready for everything.

The collection was conceived when a running joke between founders Cash Warren, Alan Stuart, and David Ehrenberg “what socks are you wearing today?” became a business idea. None owned a pair of black or white socks and they were tired of the baggy, thin dress socks dubbed “drunk socks” for their inability to stay put throughout the day.

pair of thieves socks (1)

With an athletic fit and casual look, Pair of Thieves socks are the perfect understated fashion accessory and a simple, accessible, and creative way to express your own unique personality. Our favourite are the “No Shows” which are low enough to be invisible in Vans, but grippy enough not to slip down in the heel. All the while, being extremely breathable to eliminate the stank foot.

pair of thieves socks (2)

Available at Pair of Thieves and Target stores nationwide, Pair of Thieves’ mission is to make “The Most Fitting Sock in All the Land.”

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