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These Cufflinks Showcase Everything Great About New York City


After the success of their Amsterdam design, City Cufflinks has created their latest design: the New York City Cufflinks.

A miniature sculpture of the City That Never Sleeps. I had the pleasure of rocking them this week.

NYC City Cufflinks, Ledbury jacket, Proper Cloth shirt, Daniel Wellington watch

NYC City Cufflinks, Ledbury jacket, Proper Cloth shirt, Daniel Wellington watch

The city that never sleeps cufflinks

The city that never sleeps cufflinks

The city that never sleeps cufflinks

The city that never sleeps cufflinks

Handmade in sterling silver, the unique shape, the details, the high-level quality and their originality makes these cufflinks stand out. They are sterling silver handmade gems, also to be used as cufflinks, a quality memento of New York City.

My travel gear: City Cufflinks, Rolex Submariner, Postalco travel wallet, and Japanese Yen

My travel gear: City Cufflinks, Rolex Submariner, Postalco travel wallet, and Japanese Yen

The miniature sculptures include landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, the Flatiron Building, One World Trade Center and much more.


In the pre-launch period the cufflinks were applauded by staff from the White House, the City of New York and various design aficionados in the US. “This really brings something new to the already crowded US market”.

In general, the City Cufflinks are never exposed next to other cufflinks, since they are a design object with a story. A design that links people at special moments in their favourite city. In short: this marks what we call a #cufflinkmoment.

The ultimate black tie cufflinks

The ultimate black tie cufflinks

These design objects will only be available in US stores and online. London -with its own design- will be next. You can find them at the concept stores (including at ACE hotel) of the renowned PROJECT No. 8 in NYC and online via the dedicated New York City Cufflinks web-store.

Accessorize your cufflinks with COIN credit card, and Ron Herman sunglasses

Accessorize your cufflinks with COIN credit card, and Ron Herman sunglasses

Capture and share your #cufflinkmoment, a moment of true enjoyment in NYC with your new New York City Cufflinks.


How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are ornamental tools for fastening shirt cuffs closed and are an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials which determines when and where to wear them. There are several types that are commonly used:

  • Whale Back Cufflinks have a flat head, a straight post, and a “whale tail” that flips completely flat against the post. They are very simple and probably the most common out there
  • Stud or Button Style Cufflinks have no hinge mechanism. They have a large head, a straight post, and a smaller, interior head or backing instead. For that, they are very durable.
  • Bullet Back Cufflinks are similar to whale tail cufflinks, but the post is a hollow frame, and the closing mechanism is a narrow cylinder of metal that nests inside the frame.
  • Chain Link Cufflinks have two heads connected by a short length of fine chain, which creates a slightly looser fastening than other styles.
  • Ball Return Cufflinks have a curved post with a small, heavy ball opposite the decorative head. They provide a slightly looser fastening than hinged cufflinks, but a slightly tighter one than chain.
  • Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks use a hinge mechanism similar to the closure of a metal watchband. The entire post is the hinge: the cufflink swings open, the smaller end is slipped through the opening, and then the cufflink is swung shut once more, clipping the sides of the cuff together underneath the head.
  • Knot Cufflinks are similar to chain link, with two heads connected by a short, flexible length. They are made of soft cord and the heads are decorative knots. These are more casual, especially in bright colors.

There are two styles of cuffing shirts: The kiss and the barrel-style. The first one is the more common way of cuffing shirts: the cuffs are pinched together making it seem that the ends are kissing. The barrel cuff is a style where the top end is being overlapped with the other one. This is a more discreet way of wearing cuffs.

Cufflinks can be worn with either single cuffs or with doubled-back French cuffs. The first look just like a regular buttoning dress shirt’s cuffs but with holes on both sides of the opening. French cuffs, on other hand, have two holes on either side of the opening, which should line up one atop the other when you fold the cuff back.

To fasten the cuff, you need to line up the holes on both side of the cuff opening, then insert the cufflink through so that the post runs all the way through all the holes, and then set the link into its closed position. The sides of the cuff are most commonly matched up “kissing,” with the interior faces touching one another. This turns the hemmed edges of the cuff opening outward from the wrist, one atop the other.


The most common opportunity to wear cufflinks is for formal and semiformal occasions, or in other words, whenever you’re wearing a suit. You can wear them with plain white business shirts as well as colorful and casual shirts that work best with French cuffs. Most men will wear cufflinks in business and relatively formal social settings, as an accent to a suit-and-tie ensemble, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform and elevate your casual attire with cufflinks just as well.

How to Wear Cufflinks Like Don Draper

Don Draper is a great source of inspiration when it comes to wearing cufflinks (and basically anything else fashion related). Throughout the series Don wears his white, double cuffed shirts with genuine 1960’s cufflinks, which were generally larger than today.

Choose flat, rectangular, matte silver cuff links or rounded triangulars in gold to look just like him.

Or go for stones in black or even blue and a casual sportscoat.

don draper cuff links

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