Refine Your Style with East Dane


Real gentlemen know the best way to refine your look is with carefully chosen accessories. Let your personality shine through those details by incorporating jewelry and small accessories into your outfit. East Dane has a great selection of bracelets, pins, cufflinks, tie bars, necklaces and cuffs. Add some edge to your look with a fishing hook cuff and anchor rope bracelet from Miansai or posh it up with elegant cufflinks and tie bar from Paul Smith.

Shop for accessories at East Dane.

Refine Your Style with East Dane - miansai anchor rope bracelet - warhorse workshop beaded pin - eddie borgo cone cufflinksMiansai Anchor Rope Wrap $60
Warhorse Workshop Beaded Pin $35
Eddie Borgo Double Cone Cufflinks $192.50

Refine Your Style with East Dane - jack spade archery cufflinks - arizaga money bracelet - paul smith tie barJack Spade Archery Cufflinks $128
Arizaga Money Bracelet $150
Paul Smith Matter Enamel Tie Bar $95

Refine Your Style with East Dane - miansai anchor tie bar - paul smith cufflinks - miansai fishing hook cuffMiansai Anchor Tie Bar $95
Paul Smith Ministripe Cufflinks $125
Miansai Fishing Hook Cuff $170

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