Limited Edition Prints at Proper Cloth + $25 Off Your First Custom Shirt


Proper Cloth added a new limited edition of premium fabrics that will be made into your perfect custom tailored shirt. In addition the Thomas Mason Favorites are back in stock.

Click here and get $25 off your first custom shirt!

Canclini Printed Broathcloths

Proper-Cloth-Canclini-Printed-Broadcloths (1)

Canclini 140s Pink Stripe


Canclini Purple grid


Thomas Mason Blue and Brown Gingham

Proper-Cloth-Thoma Mason Blue and Brown Gingham

Thomas Mason Oxford Cloths

Proper-Cloth-Thomas Mason Oxford Cloths

Thomas Mason Twills

Proper-Cloth-Thomas Mason Twills

Thomas Mason Light Blue Stripe

Proper-Cloth-Thomas-Mason-Light-Blue-Stripe (1)

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