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I live the life I always dreamed of growing up. @Threadtherapy and I live in New York, and are constantly getting invited to amazing events. We eat at the best restaurants, and travel all across the world on $16,000 flights.

This all happened in the last 3 years, and it happened because I learned how to “hack” the system.

You see, I wasn’t born rich. I didn’t attend an Ivy League school, and my first trip outside the US was when I was 23 (and it was on a $300 Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas).

There’s a lot of people like us out there. We’ll never be able to afford multiple rolexes, pay full price for private jets and we’ll definitely never be able to stay at our parents vacation home. Honestly we’re lucky if we don’t have to support our parents as they get older.

So just because we aren’t rich, it doesn’t mean we can’t live an amazing life. If you become a subscriber, I’m going to share with you how you can make your Life, Tailored. I’ll show you how to get to everything you ever wanted, by sharing my secrets for saving money, finding limited-time deals, and other travel hacks only the obsessive know about.

About Me

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t take vacations often, and never even dreamed of flying first class. So when I did grow up, and still didn’t have any money, I realized I needed to figure out a way to get the best things in life at a price I could afford. I started this blog with the goal of getting awesome clothes for free. Fast forward and I racked $10,000 in free clothes, and now am taking $16,000 first class rides for free using airline points. Life, Tailored helps other people live a first class life on a business (or economy) budget.


We focus on the history, and the romance behind luxury brands. The history and legacy of brands is important to us, and the reasons we choose what brands we buy. We believe craftsmanship and quality are tantamount, and you should invest in clothing and services that will last a lifetime.


When we discuss a brand, we will reference their ratings from outside sources or from expert opinions so you know if you’re going to spend your money, it will be the best value you can get.


If you’re going to a restaurant we recommend, we’re going to tell you what to order. If you’re shopping with a brand, we’re going to show you what makes them unique and what they do best.


Finally, we believe in having the best things in life, but for less. We share with you how to maximize credit card points, expense accounts, and every other means to get the best for less.


Sometimes brands don’t offer discounts, and that’s fine, so we look for ways to get special treatment. Whether it’s a private bar at a shirt fitting or how to always get a table at your favorite restaurant, we’ll always make an effort to show you how you can get above and beyond service.


Founded in 2013, Life Tailored was founded by Andrew Wise. Andrew lives in New York City with his wife,

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