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How to Wear Tommy Hilfiger: Men’s Outfit Guide

This is a sponsored post by Tommy Hilfiger and Macy’s, all opinions are my own. Winter is now here, which means that you’re going to be forced into an age old dilemma: Would you rather be warm or fashionable What if I told you that you didn’t need to choose between the two? Stylish comfort in the winter months is all about layering techniques, and few clothing brands offer better quality clothing to layer than Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion designer whose career began back in 1968. He first worked as co-founder of a clothing line that went on a bankrupt in 1977, but he eventually found his real footing with his first signature collection kickoff in 1985. This first collection is what turned him into the brand we know today.

How to Layer Tommy Hilfiger

Layering your clothes is a great way to stay warm in the winter, but doing it incorrectly can limit your mobility and make you extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, Tommy Hilfiger offers tons of clothes that can protect you from the cold without that ‘stuffy’ feeling.

One important piece of advice when it comes to layering is that you should always wear your thinnest clothes inside and the thickest clothes outside. Below are a few Tommy Hilfiger clothing items that are best to combine for layering your outfits.

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Stripe Tshirt

The best thing about Tommy Hilfiger is that they turn simplicity into a sophisticated fashion product that can withstand just about any season. This Classic Stripe Tshirt from Tommy Hilfiger is a great choice for those that are looking for that simplicity.

Tommy Hilfiger Stevenson Shawl-Collar Sweater

Have you ever been indoors and really wanted to take your jacket off, but still felt too chilly? That’s why this Stevenson Shawl-Collar Sweater from Tommy Hilfiger is perfect for you!

Its front button closure and shawl collar make it a great cover for the winter.

Tommy Hilfiger Dark Blue Wash Jeans

Wearing blue jeans during winter is pretty typical, but you can actually spice it up a bit by matching them up with your favorite boots.

Tommy Hilfiger Short Snorkel Coat

Keeping warm during winter is really important, but looking stylish is an entirely different story. That’s where the Tommy Hilfiger Winter Jacket comes in. You can never go wrong with this jacket, which is made from only the best materials and has the quality that the Tommy Hilfiger brand is so well known for.

This coat has a removable faux fur trim hood, which is very convenient for those looking to change up the look of the coat every so often.

Accessories that Suit your Tommy Hilfiger in Winter Look

Accessories for winter outfits are a must. You are going to want to make sure to cover your head properly during winter, as the easiest way to get sick during this time of year is with a head cold.

For casual outfits, knit caps are typically the best option. Having the right style of hat can help you to achieve great style on any given day.

Here are a few more style tips to help lift up your winter wardrobe game:


It is worth noting that, in general, wearing a hat alone isn’t going to keep you warm. You’re going to want to pair the hat with other accessories, like gloves or a nice scarf.


You can never go wrong wearing scarf. In winter, scarves are not only suitable for warmth but they can also be a great fashion piece.

I recommend choosing a scarf that can really stand on its own, as long as it compliments the look of your overall outfit.


When you choose a pair of gloves to wear, be sure that they can protect you from cold. They also must not absorb moisture and they should look stylish. No mittens, please!

Leather gloves are the best option to invest in because they not only keep you warm, but also they protect your hands from getting wet. They also look sophisticated, which is always an added bonus.

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