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More Men Are Turning to This Cosmetic Procedure Than Ever Before

When you hear the term Botox, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a woman with full lips, cheeks, and none of those pesky forehead lines. Most importantly, the first thing you thought of was: woman. What if we told you that a skyrocketing number of men have spontaneously taken to this aesthetic procedure over the past decade, leaving medical aestheticians and plastic surgeons to wonder why the sudden uptick?

Aesthetics in the News

Local news in Anchorage, Alaska covered the story of one man who sought out the popular procedure so he could appear more youthful, while still maintaining his vivid expressions that have complimented his personality for the entirety of his life. For the past four years, the man has received these therapeutic, cosmetic injections from Alaska Body Aesthetics, a licensed medical aesthetics provider. Natasha Lindow, an aesthetician from the practice stated that she has seen a 35% increase in male clientele coming in for aesthetic injections.

This isn’t just a one-time deal, for sure. The use of these cosmetic injections with male clientele is becoming so mainstream that the masses have coined a term for it: Bro-tox. Upwards of 385,000 men in the U.S. acquired these injections last year, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That means 310% more men (than last decade) are turning to the cosmetic procedure to either look and feel younger, or try injections therapeutically. So why are men so obsessed with Botox?

Employment, Home, and Self-Confidence

According to her interview, Lindow believes that men and women share the same concerns about appearances as they age. They want to look good and feel good, as according to Lindow, feeling good and feeling healthy are one in the same.

An article on CNN Money suggested that men are turning to aesthetic procedures to appear more youthful in an uncertain employment market. Since the job market dropped, it is harder for middle aged professionals to compete in a market full of young, vibrant, new hires. Many feel aesthetic procedures give them the competitive edge they need (and the confidence they require) to succeed in do-or-die interviews.

Another issue, CNN notes, is the pressure to look youthful men experience from partners at home. Dr. David Colbert, top New York City dermatologist and founder of Colbert MD Skincare says men are coming to him for Bro-tox because women in their lives point out lines and imperfections. Sometimes it is simply that the women at home have sought out cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and have great results. That leaves the men feeling like they should take some extra measures to ensure they are on par with their partners.

Would You Consider Bro-tox? As it becomes more and more socially acceptable for men to openly care about their appearance to the same extent women have for decades, and as it becomes more necessary for them to do so as well, it’s not surprising that some of the highest jumps in statistics for cosmetic procedures are related to men.

Is it your time to shine?

Wrinkle reduction isn’t just for women anymore. Guys, learn more about how Botox can change your life for the better today. You may be pleasantly surprised by all the amazing stories you find from men who have already taken the plunge!

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