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Preparing for summer means more than switching out your heavy wool suit for a light cotton one.  Your smell should be lighter, your shower more refreshing, and your overall essence should no longer be of spices and winter depression.  But of course we won’t tell you to change something then send you off in the world to find the right products all by yourself.  We’re here to help, to guide, to make life that much easier.

We were recently introduced to Cedrat by L’Occitane, it’s light, it’s refreshing, it’s masculine, and we absolutely love it.  Cedrat is the perfect line to bring you into summer, with a fragrance, a deodorant, aftershave, body soap and body wash, shaving gel, and more you can have each of your grooming essentials play perfectly off one another, leaving you smelling like the perfect summer day, and giving women everywhere one more reason to love you.

All of the Cedrat products have the same notes of fragrance, with a strong–but not too strong refreshing citrus smell, balanced out perfectly with the manly smell of the wooded outdoors.  We find a new fragrance each season that we seemingly can’t live without.  This just became our favorite scent of the summer.

Check out the entire line below, and grab yours June 8th at L’Occitane stores.


Cedrat Body Soap, $7.


Cedrat After Shave, $34.


Cedrat Deodorant, $18.


Cedrat Face Gel, $42.


Cedrat Men’s Fragrance, $55.


Cedrat Shaving Gel, $20.


Cedrat Shower Gel, $20.


Cedrat Pure Cleanser Energizing Scrub, $22.

All products available for sale June 8th at L’Occitane stores and online.

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