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How Asos.com Became an Online Men’s Powerhouse


If you haven’t started using the amazing site that is Asos.com before now, you’re definitely behind the crowd.  We’re here to help you catch up.

Asos is a leading online retailer with more awards than I personally care to count, stretching from December 2000 to current.  They are fashion-forward trend setters who give you stylish pieces at ridiculously great prices.  The site sells over 65,000 branded and Asos labeled products and ships for free to over 230 countries and territories.

While that alone should sell you on Asos, if you’d still like to learn more we have plenty in store for you.  Keep reading and learn the background of Asos.com, what pieces you should be searching for, how to find a great deal, and all the other tidbits we love about this UK based fashion empire.

A Brief History of Asos.com


Founded in 2000 by Nick Robertson, ASOS (originally standing for As Seen On Screen) experienced immediate and rapid growth.  After being in business for only one year the online retailer found itself being publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Growth in the company has continued as the trend setting site for 20 somethings found its audience and got them hooked.  Asoshas recently won the award for Company of the Decade from Quoted Company Awards, as well as being the recipient of titles that have included: Editor of the Year, Best Online Shopping (Hong Kong), Best Retail PLC at the UK Stock Market Awards and so many more awards and achievements it’s borderline unbelievable.

Asos is currently attracting around 29.5 million unique visitors a month and as of December 2013 had nearly 15 million registered users.  So like I said, if you aren’t one of them… you’re slacking.

The Designers That Call Asos Home


Whether you’re shopping the in-house brand to save some cash or looking to score some high-end designer pieces, you won’t be let down.

The self titled in-house brand is top-notch and as fashion forward as you would expect a London based fashion house to be.  In their 137 pages of merchandise (yes, just for the men’s asos brand) they have absolutely anything a modern man could ever want.

The most expensive item for the asos men’s brand, a slim fit tuxedo, doesn’t even cross the $300 threshold, being sold as a full tux from $254.  Going down the list you can find anything from leather jackets to swimsuits all without even looking at the other designers.

Of course if you want a designer name on whatever it is you’re craving, there is no shortage.  Working with brands like Lacoste, Dolce and Gabbana, Diesel, Paul Smith and Barbour keeps Asos.com at the top of any real fashion hunters list.

Click here or on the “view all brands” link to see all the menswear designers Asos has to offer.

Asos Must Haves

Finding our favorites in the asos brand is no easy feat, not because there is a lack of amazing apparel but because there is just so much greatness to choose from.  That being said, here are ten of our favorite pieces you can find at Asos.com


Slim Fit Suit Jacket 100% Wool, $188.19


Leather Biker Jacket, $188.19


Skinny Fit Tuxedo Jacket, $178.87
Skinny Fit Tuxedo Trousers, $75.28


Slim Fit Blazer with Leather Sleeves, $159.96


Slim Fit Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans, $122.32


Leather Chelsea Boots, $84.69


Polka Dot Shirt, $28.23


Slim Cargo Trousers, $56.46


Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves, $94.10


Leather Brogues, $103.50

To see the rest of the Asos Menswear Collection, click here

Coupons, Discounts and Promo Codes for Asos.com

Asos.com is great for saving money with or without promo codes.  Their sale section regularly has over 50% off tons or products and apparel, but if you do want that extra little bit off we have a few options for you:

If you are a student, let Asos know!  Students get a 10% discount on asos.com.  Click here to read all the details and see what Asos is offering students.

If you aren’t a student, no need to worry!  Use promo code RETAILMENOT and save 10% on all orders over $75.

Our Final Words of Wisdom and Praise for Asos


Asos.com has taken fashion forward to the next level.  Not only are they one of the premier online sites for top quality designer apparel, but they design their own brand to be parallel with the best of them at a far smaller price point.  They are trend setting, innovative and loved by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.  Do yourself a favor and give your wardrobe an Asos makeover, you won’t be disappointed.

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