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Fit for Royalty: Cad & The Dandy Bespoke Suiting Review

Cad & The Dandy Review

I’m really excited to share with you guys my first bespoke suiting experience with @cadandthedandy_nyc. The reason I chose to work with Cad & The Dandy is because not only do they make an amazing Bespoke product, but they’re also accessible with personally tailored suits starting at $100 and full Bespoke at $1300. I’ve talked in the past about custom suits and, like most people, didn’t know why “bespoke” was so important, and having met with Ian Meiers of @cadandthedandy he summed it up…

The suit is going to fit you absolutely perfectly.

The Perfect Fit

1. The suit is going to fit you absolutely perfectly. On my first visit, they took my measurements, and on my second visit they will create a “toile”, which is a test cloth based on my measurements which will allow them to change anything on the garment to ensure it fits perfectly (for instance, one shoulder sloping lower than the other wouldn’t be picked up in measurements but would be fixed with the toile).

A “Lifetime Suit”

2. It will last (almost) a lifetime. The typical “custom suit” business relies on using machines to glue or mass-manufacture suits which brings the price down but leads to less than perfect craftsmanship which over time will cause the suit to start to fray or fall apart at the seams.

You’re Gonna Love The Way You Look

3. The suit will look great on you. One element Ian pointed out to me was the lapel. On a mass-production suit, to create the lapel, they typically just fold over the cloth and iron it making it flat and without a roll. With a bespoke suit, the lapel is padded by hand and stitched to create the perfect lapel roll.

Fabrics Fit for Royalty

4. The fabrics are super amazing and fit for royalty. Only when you go with bespoke can you get access to fabrics like the QZ from @gladsonltd that holds a Royal Warrant By Appointment to Her Majesty Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I’ve got a full wedding season coming up where I’ll be rocking my new Bespoke tuxedo and as the weddings happen, I’ll be posting updated photos here. If you want to get your own suit, schedule a Consultation with the guys and tell them I sent you, and they’ll take great care of you.

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