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How We’re Adding Art to Our Home at $99 A Piece With Andy Blank


rt is the final step to decorating any home or office, and for us it’s been a work in progress. For a long time, our walls have sat relatively bare because we don’t have a huge budget for high quality artwork, but thanks to a recent release from Andy Blank, our home is now a daily inspiration. These are the pieces we invested in, and at just $139 each, it’s worth every penny.

Who is Andy Blank?

Andy Blank is a contemporary artists based in Brooklyn who’s introducing an e-commerce portal where you can find original, eye-catching artwork at amazing prices.

How much are the pieces?

Each piece ranges in price from $99 – $199 and comes straight to your door in a ready to hang white or black shadowbox frame. We have three pieces in our home and it was an amazing way to get started with art without breaking the bank.

What pieces are available?

Everything about the pieces is about the product and attention to detail. The art is tangible, elegant and of an extraordinary standard. There are 50 or so original works, and each style is produced in limited quantities to ensure your unique pieces won’t be on your neighbors walls.

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