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If you’re a girl like me, always sneaking into your boyfriends wardrobe and stealing his finds, than here’s a treat for you. Guys at Bonobos created a special online shop just for us gals. AYR is fashionable and simple, it offers great basics that are easy to wear and minimalistic design that makes a statement. Versatile pieces will compose your wardrobe essentials as well as become your new best friends. Use the promo code “FRESHAYR” at the checkout and enjoy the shopping spree with 20% Off your purchase.

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AYR coupon discount - womenswear -  wedge top - illusion sweater - rumpled blazer (1)The Wedge top $225
The Illusion sweater $150
The Rampled blazer $245

AYR coupon discount - womenswear -  ciggy pants - tunic - clean shirtThe Ciggy pants $165
The Tunic $150
The Clean Shirt $95

AYR coupon discount - womenswear -  criss-cross cami top - robe coat - skinny pantsThe Criss-Cross Cami top $195
The Robe coat $485
The Skinny pants $175

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