Is Revel Cheaper than Uber? Revel vs. Uber Who Wins The Rideshare Wars (And Why You Should Care)

We get asked a lot, what is the best rideshare in New York City? Being lifelong New Yorkers since we moved here in 2012 we believe our opinion matters more than others.

That’s why, whenever I can, I choose to ride with Revel. Keep reading to find out why you should choose the same or not, it’s a free (centralized) country.

I’ve been loving riding all-electric ride share with Revel and thought you’d love it, too. Here is 40% off all July. Just apply code ANDREW0040 within the Revel app.

Last year we asked ourselves, What are 8 reasons why you would ditch Uber? thanks to how much has changed since then, we got back to work comparing our rideshare options. If you’re not familiar with Revel, they are the future.

Revel Rideshare: Riding the Waves of Innovation

New York City, with its sleepless streets and energetic ambiance, can be a conundrum to navigate. The swarm of people, the maze-like streets, and the ceaseless hum of life make traversing the city a challenge. Then, there’s the bane of sudden price surges from rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, which once reigned supreme in this metropolis but have lately left riders disenchanted with their lack of innovation and inflated costs.

Enter Revel, a breath of fresh air in the monotonous sea of ridesharing. Launched in 2018, Revel took its first step in Brooklyn, offering an intriguing new mode of transport – mopeds. By 2021, the service branched out to Manhattan, and as their mopeds buzzed around the city, Revel started shaping its identity. The true revelation came in September 2021 when Revel announced its pivot towards ridesharing, standing out from the crowd with its fleet of electric Teslas, a nod towards sustainability and luxury in one smooth ride.

Here’s why Revel may be the thrilling new wave you’d want to ride in the city.

Luxurious Rides, Reasonable Rates

Revel understands the need for a luxury experience at a fair price. Their rates have remained consistently reasonable, unlike other rideshare services that hiked their prices during and after the pandemic. The cost of riding in a Revel Tesla, a superior and environmentally-friendly vehicle, is surprisingly less than what you’d pay for an UberX or Lyft Standard.

This commitment to fair pricing extends to Revel’s promise to abstain from surge pricing, providing an upfront cost estimate based on your trip’s length and duration. Add a $10 discount on your initial rides with a promo code, and you’re set for an affordable ride in a luxury car.

Uncompromising Service

Revel’s drivers are not part of the “gig economy” – they are full-time employees, entitled to benefits and compensation. This creates an environment where drivers can provide a higher standard of service. The discomfort of awkward first rides with new Uber or Lyft drivers is a thing of the past with Revel’s team of trained professionals.

The Tesla Factor

Who wouldn’t love a ride in a Tesla? Revel’s fleet is made up exclusively of these premium electric vehicles, providing luxury and sustainability in a single package. Revel gives you the full Tesla experience without the hefty price tag.

Rider Empowerment

Revel aims to make every rider feel like a VIP. Want to charge your phone? There’s a plug within arm’s reach. Want to control the air conditioning? Change the setting via the touchpad in the backseat. At Revel, you’re in command.

Surge-Free Pricing

Unlike other ridesharing platforms that employ surge pricing, Revel’s costs are transparent and determined upfront. The price calculation is based on distance and duration, factoring in real-time traffic information. Even when you use ride credit, the initial cost remains the same, and the credit is deducted from the final price on your receipt.

With its Tesla fleet, fair pricing, and high-quality service, Revel is a fascinating new player in the ridesharing industry, offering a breath of fresh air for riders disenchanted with traditional platforms. So, why not add a spark of luxury to your next ride in the city and try Revel?

Comparing Costs: Uber vs. Revel Rideshare

Step 1: Understanding Costs

Get familiar with Uber’s and Revel’s pricing structures. Uber charges per minute and per mile with additional costs during surge pricing1. Revel, on the other hand, charges a flat rate for their ride share program2.

Step 2: Consider Your Use Case

Understand your transportation needs. If you’re commuting short distances within a city, Revel might be more economical. If you’re traveling longer distances or require more flexibility, Uber might be more suitable.

Step 3: Factoring Sustainability

Evaluate the environmental impact. Revel uses all-electric Tesla cars, making it a more sustainable option.

Step 4: Check Availability

Check the availability of Revel in your city. Revel currently operates in select cities, whereas Uber operates nationwide and internationally34.

Step 5: User Experience

Consider the user experience of both platforms. Download their apps and familiarize yourself with their interface and customer support.

Step 6: Make an Informed Decision

Based on the factors above, decide which service better meets your needs.

Comparative Cost Analysis Uber and Lyft operate on a similar model, but Revel’s vertical integration could potentially offer better rates. With their ownership of vehicles and paying of drivers, the costs could be better managed. Also, Revel’s use of electric vehicles adds an environmental advantage, which could prove economically beneficial in the long run due to lower maintenance and fuel costs5.

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