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5 Reasons I’m Ditching Uber for Revel Rideshare ($10 Off Promo Code)

Navigating yourself in New York City is a whole task on its own. Not to mention the price surges everywhere, especially among rideshare services. You can only hope to travel via foot or subway routes nowadays. The insomniac city isn’t so easy to explore as the question about traveling alone can lead to a myriad of problems and hence no fun happens.

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Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft which once were the go-to apps for car services have disappointed us all in the end. The surge in prices along with quite a few other problems has led to the downfall of these companies. They have become too comfortable with their current policies and popularity which has led them to stop innovation and integrating new ideas.

Revel was first introduced in 2018 with installed moped stations located in Brooklyn, New York.

The company expanded its moped stations to Manhattan in 2021 with designated dropoff areas.

It branched into NYC bikes and the company appeared to not have an identity until September 2021 when the company announced it would be introducing rideshares.

The Revel rideshare uses only electric-operated Teslas and is meant to be a more eco-friendly option for riders.

Now, the question arises; What’s new in town? The new alternative Revel has new exciting opportunities which are reasonable and luxurious and not to mention the exclusive Promos!

A Little About Revel

No more comparing prices on different apps to see the cheapest ride. Revel in the brand new rideshare app that offers car services at a fairly reasonable price. The car services are also quite luxurious and the promos will have you jumping at the new opportunity.

The promo code below will get you immediate access to the app and a $10 discount for your initial rides. But you have to be quick because the promo code is a one-time thing. Don’t worry, you just have to keep a lookout for available codes.

Revel’s rideshare option is being rolled out in New York City, and currently has a waitlist for those wishing to access the app.

The company will operate as a taxi service, offering lower rates to riders and an eco-friendly option for commuting around the city.

While riders wait for Revel’s rideshare option to become available, the company owns a number of mopeds in the city, primarily located in Manhattan.

Riders can download the Revel app on iOS or Android and are required to enter their driver’s license and take a quick moped tutorial before gaining access to the moped stations.

The app allows riders to join the waitlist for when rideshare becomes available and says the option is “coming soon.”

Skip the Revel Rideshare waitlist by entering this code in the app: 1xty2m

App Link : http://app.gorevel.com/redeem-code/1xty2m

Revel’s Advantage Over Others

Now let’s talk about why Revel is better than other similar rideshare apps that have been around for a long time.

1.     Pricing; The Expense Factor

Revel is quite frankly the only rideshare app in all of New York that hasn’t surged its prices like Uber and Lyft even during or after the pandemic. It also is good at keeping its promises regarding future price surging which other rideshare apps have hastily overlooked.

Compared to Uber and Lyft, Revel’s prices are a lot lower, but the service is far more pleasant in the car. In fact, the prices of Revel are less than UberX or Lyft Standard, and yet the car experience and comfortability are greater than either one of those categories.

But don’t just take my word for it, see the practical example as well. We compared some Airport trips of Uber, Lyft, and Revel in the same timeframe. The difference was phenomenal and may be the only reason you need to start riding on Revel.

Revel has expanded to Miami, Florida, Washington, DC, and San Francisco, California, but the rideshare option will only be available in New York City to start.

Riders originally were able to access Revel only below 42nd Street in Manhattan, but the company announced in April 2022 that it would be moving up to 96th Street.

West Side Rag reported that Revel’s hours of operation would run from 5am to 2am.

The rideshare option will also provide a one-way commute directly to Newark Airport, Laguardia Airport, and JFK Airport, but only to those being picked up in Manhattan.

The website posted in April 2022 that they “are planning to expand our service zone soon!”

Reig told Axios that the delay in Revel’s expansion comes from the lack of charging hubs throughout New York City.


2.     Adequate … Nah, Exemplary Service

In recent years, there has been a substantial amount of attention given to the downsides of what has been referred to as the “gig economy.” Many drivers for Uber and Lyft are considered 1099 contractors, which means they are not eligible for the health insurance or other benefits that are typically provided by employers.

In the meantime, all of the drivers who work for Revel are considered to be employees of the firm, which means that they are eligible for the compensation and benefits that are associated with having that status. The drivers are not only trained but quite satisfied with their own employees that they take special care of you while sharing a ride.

Nobody wants to remember what first-time Uber and Lyft drivers are like.


3.     Oh, The Tesla!

Let’s just forget for a minute about the competition and the prices, Revel has a fleet of only Tesla cars. How’s that for luxury! All cars used by Revel are premium electrical Tesla models so not only are they extremely rich and comfortable but also energy-saving and efficient. The spaciously designed cars are specifically chosen for your comfort and ease. This means that you get luxurious cars at reasonable prices, so why not travel in style!

4.     Your Ride, Your Decisions

Tesla Car dreams aside, Revel makes you feel like you’re the boss. The services you require during the ride will be fulfilled completely at your beck and call. Do you want to charge your phone? The plugs are already available and reachable. Do you want to control the air conditioning? No problem, you can easily change the setting via the touchpad in the backseat.

Here at Revel, you don’t have to ask for anything, as the company takes special notice of the fact that you may be provided with everything you might need.


5.     Revel; Surge Price Rip Off? Never!

The cost for Revel Rideshare is determined on a per-ride basis and is presented to our customers in an up-front and transparent manner. The cost of the transport is instantaneously determined after the user inputs both their destination and the location where they would want to be picked up in the app.

Our costs are calculated based on the total per-mile distance traveled in addition to the entire journey duration, which includes the most recent traffic information that is available. Additional costs based in New York City, discounts offered by Revel, and the state of the market all have the potential to have an impact on the pricing.

When the user submits a request for a ride, they will be charged the price that is presented. On the other hand, if a user has ride credit that can be used, the amount of the credit will be subtracted from the final price on the invoice or receipt, but it will not be deducted from the amount that is being offered. A ride will have credit automatically deducted from it.

Price calculations:

  • Fixed Price: $30.00
  • Per Mile: $1.60
  • Per Minute: $0.72

Now that we know how the pricing works, it’s quite clear that Revel has a clear-cut system that does not work on surge pricing in the future.

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