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Women’s Guide to Dressing For Your Body Shape (Apple, Pear, Hourglass+)

It’s almost a week post lockdown. Judy is excited about meeting up with her girlfriends. She giggles, turns to the full-length mirror, and hugs her new dress. She wanted that dress after it caught her eye in the boutique window. Heart racing, she looks into the mirror to admire her new purchase. That “hot little number” hangs on the top half of her body like a sack of potatoes. To make matters worse, her bottom half is bulging like an inflated balloon. Judy’s dilemma is not unique.

Have you seen a dress on a model online and ordered one on impulse to find you were disappointed. You are not to blame. It’s because you didn’t consider your body shape. Don’t worry. This article has valuable insights on buying Burberry dress and dressing according to body shapes.

They explain that it is a misguided concept to believe in “one shape fits all.” The findings of their studies reveal that models in catalogs represent a specific body type. Once you know your body shape, you can dress according to what flatters your figure. You can also hide what you don’t like. Measure the proportions of your bust, waist, and hips, and you will fit into one of these categories:

  1. Apple shape (Top-heavy)
  • Your limbs are slim, especially the arms.
  • Wide shoulders.
  • Weighty mid-section and chest. Your bust and stomach sometimes appear bigger.
  • If you have a small bust, you may have the potential for weight around the midriff.
  • Slightly defined waistline

Dressing tips          

  • Draw attention away from your midriff, and focus on the top and lower third of your body. You may want to wear long sleeves.
  • Avoid drawing attention to your waist and shoulders by wearing V-necks.
  • Keep away from flared pants.
  • Opt instead for skinny pants to balance out your broad shoulders.
  • Dresses with belts around your waist will accentuate unwanted curves.
  • Tops that drape over your curves are great for this body type.
  1. Pear shape (Bottom-heavy or triangle)
  • Your hips, thighs, and commonly your bottom are pronounced.
  • Narrow sloping shoulders.
  • Curvaceous, and your legs are noticeably thicker in comparison to the rest of your body.

Dressing Tips

  • You need to accentuate your shoulders, bust, and aim to minimise your lower half.
  • Wear tops that emphasize your shoulders.
  • Tights and pants will narrow your legs, and flared pants make you look bow-legged compared to the rest of your body.
  • You don’t want that. Choose bras that enhance your bust.
  1. Hourglass
  • Your hips and bust have a similar measurement.
  • Narrow waist, conspicuously defined.
  • Curvy top and bottom.
  • Even with broad shoulders or a rounded bottom, you can still have an hourglass body shape.

Dressing tips

  • You will look fabulous if the fabric and style drape gently following your natural curves. Silks best accentuate this.
  • Your waist defines how you dress. Focus attention on it. Tailored outfits are a great option, but drapy clothes may make you look pregnant or heavy. Invest in good bras to make your bust look perky, not saggy.
  • Try V-neck tops and dresses.
  • Make sure you show enough cleavage for the occasion. 
  1. Rectangular (straight)
  • Your bust, hips, and waist appear to have a similar measurement.
  • When you measure your waist, it should ideally be one to eight inches smaller than your bust.
  • Your rib cage defines your shape without accentuating the waist. You are not curvaceous.

Dressing Tips

  • You might want to create more curves on the top and bottom parts of your body.
  • Try dresses that “pinch” in your waist to define the curves. Frills and ruffles add texture and volume to your figure.
  • If your dress or top has some enhancement, it will give your bust weight.
  • Men’s clothing like baggy jeans and tracksuits give you a boyish look.
  • Opt for skinny jeans. Your body shape will look eye-popping in these.
  • Minis skirts and bright tights are perfect for you, so indulge. You can even throw in a wonder-bra. A cup size more won’t hurt either.

Takeaway? You need to understand and embrace your body shape. Genetics, diet, and lifestyle each play a role in defining shape and size. Additionally, exercise can help reduce problem areas.  Meanwhile, finding the right fit is not always possible. Experiment to see what is comfortable for you. There are no good or bad body shapes. Own yours and look forward to being glamorous and body confident.

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