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When The Sh!t Hits the Fan, 5 Practical Techniques to De-Stress

Stress is an essential part of human life. We all have it, and when we’re dealing with a stressful situation, it plain sucks.

But, are there any advantages to getting stressed?

In fact, yes. There exists such a notion as “positive stress.”

This helps us to learn new things and have fun as a result. It simply helps us to live and move on and on. Simultaneously, too much stress is extremely unhealthy and threatening.

The physical side of stress includes accelerated heart rate and higher blood pressure. The other, less noticeable effects are the increase of stomach ache, headaches, insomnia, and others.

Some amounts of stress even cause panic attacks, which is a serious issue and can make life quite complicated.

The emotional part of the stress comes from the fact that our demands are not satisfied, and we feel empty or bored.

For sure, not every time we lack some interesting events in our lives, we experience stress. However, it is still important to distinguish small problems from real tragedies, which for sure could happen to everyone in this world.

The role of behavior is also extremely important. Doing the same tedious things from day to day is not the worst thing ever but can harm some people with fragile mental states.

In fact, our task is to avoid the circumstances where we can get any harm or grow some behavioral disorders. Sometimes, for instance, when being a child we can’t avoid this, and are urged to cure these stances in older age.

  1. Being surrounded by constant stress, people seek for various ways to get more relaxed. One of the best ways to get rid of everyday stress is a sport (keep in mind, neither alcohol drinks, nor nicotine, nor dry herb vape pens).

    In fact, sports activities do help in dealing with some levels of stress. It is scientifically proven that endorphins are being released within doing sport. Endorphins are special chemicals synthesized in the human body, which help to reduce pain and stress.

    Therefore, having a small workout or running around the city’s lake can help you get happier and more smiley.

  2. Although it is a pity to confess, plenty of people see alcohol, nicotine, and weed pen as the only solution. Alcohol use disorders are probably the most discussed topics in this sphere. Scientists claim that people mostly get AUD because of traumatic events in their lives like divorce, death of a close friend or relative, getting the sack, etc.

    Nicotine and weed pen are most likely to be used against everyday stress, small arguments with friends and family, and challenges at work. These data mean that a lot of people can’t cope with stress themselves and lack support from their beloved ones.

  3. The third way to get relaxed is just sleeping. This is probably the best choice out of the whole list. The use of sleep can hardly be overestimated. All types of doctors, psychologists, and trainers highlight the importance of sleeping well.

    However, the modern lifestyle makes us awake at any time. We can’t relax even when we change activities, because we get a great amount of information or noise coming to our brains.

    The only time when we are not exposed to any information and (hopefully) noise is the time when we are sleeping. This is also the time when our body restores from our daily routine.

4. Number four is meditation. However, we recommend making the analysis as well. If you feel stressed, stop and close your eyes. Set your breathing. Meditate according to any program you like. You might also add yoga if you want some extra sport. Just remember that you need to combine relaxing and active practices without overwhelming yourself and never do any activity through the pain barrier. After meditation, when you are calm, mindful, and relaxed, try to identify the stressors in order to avoid them in the future. If you can’t avoid them, try to set some limits to decrease the number of stressors.

5. The fifth point is to share. Sharing your problems does not mean that you are irresponsible or whatever else bad characteristics you can make up. It means that you know how to reach your goal, and you can use some outer resources. If you are on maternity leave, and the level of your stress grows with the speed of life, don’t be afraid to ask your husband to help or hire a nanny for a couple of hours a day so that you can relax, sleep, or just go for a walk. The same advice will work for a businessman trying to improve his company. Never be shy to hire more professionals or to ask your existing co-workers to help with the spheres they understand better than you do.

Stress is a bad thing that happens to each of us on a daily basis. Avoiding stress is impossible nowadays because stress is inevitable. However, you should try to cope with stress using one of the helpful methods listed above. For sure, we do not recommend you to use any illicit substances like alcohol, nicotine, or drugs (it is important to note that dry herb vaporizer pens use the real drug, not the CBD, which could be useful if accepted by your doctor).

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