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What are Polarized Prescription Glasses and How to Choose a Pair of Them for You

Finding the best eye comfort glasses is not as easy as it seems. Many options are available, ranging from FL-41 lens coatings to polarized lenses. The latter is not as common as other eye comfort solutions, but it does wonders for vision improvement. So what are polarized prescription glasses, and how can you choose a pair of them for yourself? Here is a detailed guide on all you need to know about polarized prescription glasses.

What are polarized prescription glasses?

Since you most likely do not stare directly at the sun, the rays affect you differently. UV rays reach people through glare created by sunlight bouncing off on bright surfaces or items with a sheen. Polarized glasses got developed to improve eye comfort and offer protection from the light of UV rays.

The glasses use a unique film that absorbs bright UV rays glaring off on surfaces using polarization. They have been widely used on sunglasses but can get added to prescription glasses as a lens. The unique film differs from other eye comfort lens coating for prescriptions and sunglasses. Polarized glasses can be purchased online using fast prescription glasses delivery services that offer next-day delivery. 

When do you need polarized glasses?

Polarized glasses have a design that reduces the impact of UV rays on eyesight and eye comfort and extends to improving vision. By using polarized prescription glasses, professional drivers, skiers, golfers, and anglers have significantly benefited from enhanced visual acuity.

By removing distracting rays, contrasting color is easier for cone cells because you can see an object’s most accurate representation directly. Therefore, if you drive in the morning around sunrise, getting polarized glasses could improve eye comfort from UV rays glaring off the asphalt and other vehicles.

Exposure to bright UV rays reflecting from surfaces such as concrete aprons also impacts vision, and if your job exposes you to such discomfort, these glasses could make a difference. Also, partaking in fishing, golfing, or skiing could take a toll on your eyes, and that’s why polarized glasses can be an effective way of enjoying these activities without the blinding light.

Are all sunglasses polarized?

Some eye patients might believe they can get any type of sunglasses to ease eye discomfort from UV rays and sun glares. This notion derives from an inaccurate perception that all sunglasses are polarized. Is that true? No, not all sunglasses are polarized since most use a darkening tint that does not effectively reduce the effect of UV rays on the eyes. 

Any prescription sunglasses must clearly state that they are polarized and offer protection from UV rays. The lens used for polarized sunglasses uses an advanced design that all sunglass manufacturers do not use. You can tell the difference by looking at a sun glare and tilting your head sideways while looking at the light source. If you do not experience eye discomfort, the prescription sunglasses are most likely polarized and offer the protection you want.

Choosing the best coating color

Primarily, there are three primary lens coating colors that you can choose to get. The colors comprise gray, brown, and green, each with different benefits for varying lifestyles. So which one should you go for and get? Gray is the most common option, and that is because of this tint’s versatility. For example, you can use gray-tinted polarized prescription glasses for driving, fishing, and everyday use. The gray shade also blends in with most dress styles and personality appearances.

Brown aids more with color separation and contrasting different colors but might not be best to wear in areas with a shade. Green, on the other hand, also helps with contrasting colors and improving visual vibrancy. The latter can get worn when driving or fishing as well. You can go with whatever tint suits your style but ensure it provides the best eye comfort.

Getting polarized prescription glasses

Now that you understand how to choose polarized prescription sunglasses, what’s important is where you can buy them and the available options. Any prescription glasses have to be prescribed by an optometrist. That is the perfect place to get polarized glasses, but the frame options might be limited. Also, your order might take days to be processed.

You can easily opt for fast next-day delivery services that guarantee expedited lead times. These services arrange polarized sunglasses to get done according to your prescription’s specifications. The sunglasses or lens-over pair will get delivered to your door within the stipulated delivery lead time. There is no need to wait in long queues to get polarized prescription glasses in time because this can be processed online without even leaving the door.

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