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A lot has changed at Beacon since our last post. Apart from publicly announcing their partnership with Dynamic Aviation, Beacon is also happy to announce they are adding D.C. to their flight schedule this winter. Nantucket, and East Hampton will also be available in the Summer of 2016.

Beacon is well over halfway to their Membership totals, and will be enacting the $1,000 initiation fee at the end of the month! They do plan to have a waitlist come September so if you are interested in Beacon, sign up now. You do not have to activate your account until you decide you want to start flying with us. The membership deposit simply secures your membership for when you do want to start flying.

Their $500 membership deposit is fully refundable and goes to your first month when you activate your account. If you decide at any time before you activate your account that this isn’t the service for you, we will refund your deposit right away!

Sign up for Beacon here!

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