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We Ranked The 19 Cheapest, Most Beautiful Vacations on Earth

Traveling is exciting, fun and adventurous. Although it can also serve as educational, the majority of us just want to enjoy some fun in the sun and take in new, breathtaking sights. And if you do a bit of planning beforehand, you may even manage to snag a great deal!

1. Thailand

Thailand offers a huge variety of destinations that you can visit where you can truly enjoy yourself while maintaining a strict budget. It is for these reasons that most backpackers choose Thailand to be one of their top destinations. Whether you want to spend your time in the city or becoming one with nature, Thailand is a place that will truly make your dreams come true.

2. Vietnam

Over time, Vietman has quickly become one of the most popular vacation destinations. Not only does it have a gorgeous countryside and breathtaking beaches, but just about everything about the culture and ambiance will make you want to stay. Vietnam is especially a must-visit spot for those who are on a budget, as it has been named one of the most budget-friendly vacation destinations for the last several years.

3. India

There is absolutely no place on Earth like India. With some of world’s most beautiful and stunning views on the planet, India is truly one of a kind. Its diverse culture and people both ensure that India will remain as a top favorite for a long time to come. Visiting India is also cheap, and offers a wide variety of choices that can work with just about any budget.

4. South Africa

The best thing about visiting South Africa, aside from experiencing the Safari, is the country itself. South Africa offers a lot of activities and sceneries that you simply must experience. The best part of traveling to South Africa is that you won’t need to spend a huge amount of money just to experience the unique wildlife.

5. Indonesia

Indonesia consists of 17,000 islands, making it a literal paradise just waiting to be discovered. If you are into water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving etc, Indonesia can offer you a world-class, but very budget friendly getaway!

6. Laos

Among its neighboring countries, Laos takes pride in being one of the most beautiful and budget-friendly destinations that you can find. With breath-taking sceneries and tourist attractions, Laos is a place that you will surely want to return to again and again. Most backpackers would choose to visit Laos because it is very affordable, but don’t forget to check out the beautiful ruins!

7. Sao Paolo, Brazil

The largest city both in the Southern and Western Hemispheres, and probably one of the world’s busiest, is Sao Paolo. It’s a city known for its mixture of cultures that yielded a brilliant culinary, art and music scene — and a wild architectural identity. A city tour of their museums, architectural buildings, monuments and parks are sites is just one of the many things this city has to offer that you shouldn’t miss.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

Aside from being the capital city of Czech Republic, it is also known as “The City of a Hundred Spires”, one of Europe’s architectural gems. The place itself tells us its story from the historical buildings, old synagogues, and the many historic churches. Prague Castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions. One of the most recognizable old bridges in Europe, the Charles Bridge, is also a must see.

9. Cambodia

You might as well visit Cambodia if you are somewhere near the border of Vietnam to the east, Laos to the north, or Thailand to the northwest to make your trip a little bit cheaper and more worth it. Angkor Wat is just one of the main temples to visit, and trust me when I tell you that it is a sight to behold.

10. Berlin Germany

Berlin is Germany’s largest city, and also the place where the historical glass-domed home of the parliament, The Reichstag Building, can be found. Brandenburg Gate, an 18th-century gate & landmark ( above ), is breathtaking. Needless to say, The Berlin Wall, a barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989, is also a sight you need not miss.

11. Guatemala

Though it is not often recognized as one of the best destinations for a summer getaway,  Guatemala still has some of the most untouched tropical beach destinations, which are reminiscent of Mexico. It has beaches scattered along its coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, just waiting for you to discover and explore.

12. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is where you will find the Petronas Twin Towers and the colossal standing Buddha image found outside Batu Caves. But if you want to discover more of the city’s beauty, you’ll have more time to enjoy the colourful Petaling Street market in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur and the famous Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Indoor activities would include a visit at the Aquaria KLCC oceanarium and Petrosains Art Gallery in Suria KLCC.

13. Auckland, New Zealand

Have fun and adventure in Aukland, as you enjoy island hopping on the Hauraki Gulf. After feasting your eyes with the panoramic views of volcanic cones, or peeking inside the Auckland Art Gallery, fill your stomach with the delicious cuisines while dining at the waterfront, enjoying relaxed eats around Queen Street, or tasting celebrity chefs’ creations on Federal Street.

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Your choice of fun and adventure that will suit all ages can be done in Buenos Aires. Although it may seem a bit untraditional, Recoleta Cemetery or Cementerio de la Recoleta is part of their Buenos Aires North Circuit Bike Tour, so this should almost certainly be included in your itinerary. Museums, parks, gardens and their churches should complete your list of things to do around Buenos Aires.

15. Las Vegas

A city that never sleeps will surely give you a lot of things to do all day and night, so make sure to plan ahead for places and things you want to do. First of course should be to grab a group of friends and pose at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, but that is only the beginning. Whether you want to go for the SkyJump, enjoy the sunset Gondola ride, grab a taste of the Fremont Street, or gamble the night away, Las Vegas is a land of endless possibilities… And quickie marriages, so be careful!

16. Mozambique

With stunning beaches, excellent diving and magical offshore islands, Mozambique is now making its way to the top destinations. A 2500km coastline waiting to be explored, all with postcard-perfect islands dot the blue horizon, you can enjoy an endless number of water sport activities, cruise on the beaches, or just go horseback riding, quad biking, or sand boarding. Mozambique will help you forget all about your real life back home and wish that your vacation never had to end.

17. Albania

Albania has many castles and archaeological sites. If you want to be playful and creative, take pictures with your character costumes on and pose like a king or a queen.  Capital Tirana centers on sprawling Skanderbeg Square, site of the National History Museum. Enjoy hiking on the mountains or stroll at the parks, and be sure to save time for lots of water sports adventures.

18. Bulgaria

Though a small  country, Bulgaria takes pride in its rich nature that keeps the tourists coming back for more year after year. From waterfalls, mountain peaks, and woodlands, to caves and landmarks, there is so much for Bulgaria to offer. Make sure to include the Belogradchik Rocks, a rock formation with varying heights up to 200 metres, on your list of places to visit. Other cultural and historical sites are the Boyanska Church, Ivanovski rock churches, Kazanlak Tomb, The Madara Horseman and many more.

19. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the commercial and cultural hub of the region. So get ready to tour around the city and be amazed of the fun and adventure you may unveil. From museums, theaters and operas, to parks, speedzones and zoos, be sure to bring friends and family with you to make the trip even more more memorable.

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