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10 Best First Class Flights Bookable with Points


Best First Class Flights of 2017

Before we get started, most people think these lists are fake, and that no real person can actually book these ultra-luxury first class flights.

I thought the same thing before I started learning about this “hobby”.

But look, this is a picture of me on Singapore Suites Class (that I discuss on the next page). You can almost even make out the date on the newspapers to prove it was really happening.

Trust me though, you can book these flights, and will be able to do this on your next trip if you keep reading.

First class flights for award travel can sometimes be a huge pain to book; however, if you sneak in at the right place and time, you can save tons of points and dollars while experiencing the best air travel possible.

To get enough points for these cards, I use these top travel credit cards that help me rack up 100,000s of points immediately on signup.

This list compiles the best first class flights for your award points and none skimp on opulence, leisure, amenities, service, or food.

You can stuff yourself with on-demand caviar, cozy up in a full bed with rose petals, or travel the world for free with these bookings.

You’ve worked hard to earn all those miles; why not use them to experience the best air travel possible?

Best First Class Flights Bookable with Points

1. Singapore Airline Suites Class to Frankfurt for 107,500 Miles

First Class Award Travel Singapore Airlines Full Bed

This is the best flight you can book in general and you can book it for free! So you not only get the best service, top-rated meals, expensive champagne, and a full bed, but you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

If you’re flying from Singapore to Frankfurt, you’ll enjoy luxuries including a 35″ wide seat, 24″ T.V., padded leather headboards, and Bose headphones.

The crew is just as outstanding as the atmosphere and your linens, silverware, and pajamas were designed by Givenchy. It doesn’t get more first class than that and it’s only 107,500 KrisFlyer miles. You can score this deal flying out of the New York as well if you transfer SPG Points to Singapore Airlines for 93,500 KrisFlyer miles.

Also, you may have heard about the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It’s the new credit card that gives you 100,000 points on signup, which is basically enough to take this flight.

We’ve got even more amazing flights, including the gold-encrusted Emirates first class cabin.

2. Emirates First Class to Milan One-way for 75,000 Miles

First Class Award Travel Emirates cabin

Emirates is known for its high-class, deluxe first class experiences and the flight from New York to Milan is no exception. Sip champagne, enjoy a free chauffeur to and from the airport, a mini-bar, vanity station, free skincare products, flat screen with touchscreen controller, and a full bed leather seat. It’s basically like a hotel in the air. They even have an on-board shower for you to relish after being on a plane for many hours. For a trip to Europe in this lavish style, 75,000 miles doesn’t seem too shabby.

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3. Etihad Airways Diamond First Class to Europe One-way for 180,000 Miles Plus 25,000 Avios

First Class Award Travel Eithad Cabin

Etihad Airways provides privacy that not many other airlines offer.

The first class suites include a door, large flat screen T.V., ample room, and exquisite dining.

You can hop Etihad from New York to Abu Dhabi for 180,000 miles, reveling in your first class cabin all the way, then transfer to your final European destination for 25,000 Avios in business class with Air Berlin.

This award is a little more costly on the miles and if you’re going Europe, is a little out of the way, but the first class experience and chauffeur to and from the airport is worth the price tag.

4. Lufthansa First Class to Frankfurt or Munich One-way for 110,000 Miles

First Class Award Travel Lufthansa first class seat

Lufthansa recently upgraded their first class to posh standards including seats that morph into a flat bed, caviar, privacy, and exceptional service.

You can fly Lufthansa via United from Washington, Detroit, or Charlotte to Frankfurt or Munich; lots of options to get all the way to Europe for 110,000 miles one-way.

These flights typically run around $12,000 round-trip, which is a new car or a healthy down payment on a luxury car, but for 220,000 miles round-trip, this flight can be yours for free.

Don’t forget, for flying on Lufthansa, you gain access to the top-rated Frankfurt First Class Terminal to enjoy if you’re hopping to another destination.

This flight can be difficult to book due to the fact that Lufthansa releases first class seat information just 2 weeks before take off, but if you can grab a seat, you’ll enjoy 5 cents per mile on this award.

5. Swiss Air First Class to Europe Round-trip for 55,000-125,000 Miles

First Class Award Travel Swiss Air Cabin

Swiss Air boasts award-winning seats with tons of room, a large T.V., and again, great dining all for 125,000 miles round-trip from Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Montreal to Europe.

US Airways gives you tons of opportunities to fly on Swiss Air with all the large airports you can fly out of.

Swiss Air typically runs promotions as well where you can get more miles for your dollar meaning this flight can come cheaper and faster and isn’t that what we all want anyways?

For a real steal, you can fly business class from Detroit to Naples for a mere 55,000 miles.

It’s not the same first class experience, but it’s an amazing deal in business class where you don’t have to touch the elbow next to you for hours.

For a long journey from the U.S. to Europe, why not enjoy an award-winning seat and luxury service?

You’re going to be on the plane for a while.

6. Cathay Pacific Airways First Class Suites to Asia for 90,000 Miles

First Class Award Travel Cathay Pacific Cabins

Cathay Pacific has been celebrated for their first class roomy suites, personal closets, toiletry bags, award-winning food, and magnificent staff in addition to great reward rates for first class flights.

You can travel to Asia, and visit a bunch of European cities a long the way for a tiny 90,000 miles.

That’s right. You can stop in other European destinations and enjoy a day or so because of open jaws allowed by US Airways.

As long as you connect your flights in one round, you can travel the world and even rest for a bit for only 90,000 miles.

Oh, and you’ll be riding in style with the stupendous Cathay Pacific first class suites.

You can enjoy a nap between Frankfurt and Zurich or Paris and Beijing and still have time to see the Eiffel tower or city center.

Top-tier world travel never came at such an amazingly low price.

7. British Airways First Class to London for 60,000 Miles

First Class Award Travel British Airways Cabin

British Airways is a great choice for first class travel if you’re flying a really short distance or a really long distance. For first class award space between the U.S. and Europe, British Airways has you covered more than any other airline, but you have to pay a fuel surcharge, which could be up to $500.

If you’re flying out of Washington, New York, or Vancouver, you can get to London for 60,000 miles one-way in first class. You can enjoy a full sleeper bed, automated blinds, a sort-of private suite, and amenity treats. Additionally, if you spend $30,000/year on your British Airways Visa Signature card, you get a free companion pass that you can use for this flight even if you use your miles to pay; just pay the fuel charges. So you’re getting first class luxury for two for only 120,000 miles round-trip; a fabulous deal.

8. United First Class to Frankfurt for 67,500 Points

First Class Award Travel United Cabin

This is another $12,000 flight that you can get for free with just 67,500 points. Caviar, a plush full-bed seat, privacy, a large T.V., and first-rate service are all at your fingertips when you fly from Miami to Frankfurt on United.

United’s point chart has suffered a major heart attack recently but this flight is still available on all 28 Star Alliance partners and they typically have decent award availability. You can also use this flight to fly across the pond and then take another flight for fewer points to your destination. First class with delectable, high-class food, ample space to snuggle in, and it’s available often; premium cabins on United are a hot ticket for this few of miles.

9. Qatar Airways First Class from Doha to Europe for 64,500 Qmiles

First Class Award Travel Qatar cabins

What’s better than hopping a top-rated airline in first class to Europe? How about a chauffeur to drive you to and from the airport in a 7-series BMW, 5-star foods including a10-course meal with caviar, lobster, and high-end chocolates, and perfect service on the flight.

You can fly from Doha to many major cities in Europe for only 64,500 miles one-way. Paris, London, Rome, Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, Geneva, Brussels, and Copenhagen are just a few you can fly to in first class. Almost every major city in Europe is covered for at or under 64,500 award miles from Doha…in first class! If you’re flying out of New York, you can also fly first class on Qatar to tons of major European cities for under 135,000 miles one-way. It’s no longer a problem to fly to the Europe in comfort for a low amount of miles.

10. Qantas Airways First Class to Sydney for 287,000 Miles

First Class Award Travel Qantas cabin

Qantas has great award space whether you’re flying in economy or first class to Australia. Their first class experience though, with the long, large, sheepskin-mattress full bed, top-end bedding and blankets, and restaurant-style dining isn’t something to scrap for a small economy seat. Although the mileage seems like a lot, it’s a quality trip with top-rated everything.

Qantas has an 8-course tasting menu, snacks and treats available whenever you want, and extravagant amenity kits from brand names like Payot Paris. You receive, for free, skincare products, toiletries, a hairbrush, comb, eye mask, pajamas, and slippers. All to make your flight comfortable and cozy while you sit on the plane for several hours. You’ll have ample space if you’re a sleeper who likes to toss and turn and you’ll enjoy delightful service. It can be difficult to find award travel to Australia, which is why Qantas’ 287,000 mile first class flight to Sydney makes the list. When you’re visiting down under, make sure to soak up all the available treats and amenities while catching some quality sleep time.

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