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Top 3 Safe Traveling Tips For International Travelers

Going on a trip abroad somewhere you have never been before is a thought that can trigger equal amounts of excitement and anxiety. Sure traveling abroad is one of the most thrilling experiences in the life of a person; there is no doubt about it. Discovering new cultures and worlds, foods, customs, and mentalities can help us grow into more knowledgeable and open-minded persons.

But we are human beings, and we are governed by our primary instincts. Fear is one of them. Lots of people are wary of international trips, labeling them as dangerous. And while there are all sort of things that could go wrong on a trip in another country or an a different continent, for the most part, traveling abroad is fairly safe. We like to embrace the “better safe than sorry” saying, and today we are going to reveal to you some of the most efficient safe traveling tips for international travel.

Tip #1: Carry Your Items To The Front Locksmith Pros luggage locks

  • Avoid using your back pockets to carry your wallet, credit cards, keys to the rental car or hotel, and so on. Pickpocketing is one of the most commonly met property crimes in most areas of the world. So no matter where you might be traveling, you will need to keep in mind being a tourist there – and acting like one in public – will increase the risk of falling victim to these street thieves.

  • Try not to keep any valuable items inside your back pockets, and use the front pockets instead. Also, avoid placing your bags on the back of chairs, or at your feet when eating out, especially at a sidewalk restaurant. Someone could easily walk by and grab your bags and run off with them without you even noticing, as you will be too distracted not notice, taking pictures of the food or pretty much everything around you. Wrap the straps around your leg and keep the bag at the front of your feet beneath the table.

  • It might also be useful to use portable padlocks for your luggage, when transitioning from one city to the next and having to carry your bags with you. Talk to a skilled locksmith like the guys at www.locksmithspros.com and see which portable padlocks, cable locks, and lock box apps would work best for you. There are portable locks that can be used both in the indoors and on the outdoors. You can use portable lock boxes to store your keys or carry several keys at a time, without worrying someone might steal them. You can reset four digit combinations for keyless locks and enjoy literally thousands of custom codes.

  • These lock boxes usually fit over door knobs and they are made of sturdy metal for extra durability. They are normally compatible with tulip, ball, or biscuit door knobs, but you should check with an authorized locksmith before making a purchase.

Tip #2: Separate Your Items

Do not make the mistake of carrying all your belongings together. Instead, keep your cash and credit cards, passport and other IDs locked in the safe inside your hotel room. Grab as much cash as you need on you for the day and place it in a pocket different from the one carrying your passport or plane tickets.

Tip #3: Always Look Back

  • Make a habit out of always looking back at the restaurant table you were sitting at when you are ready to leave.

  • It could save you from a lot of trouble, including having to call an emergency locksmith as you've left your car keys behind at the diner.

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