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Hair loss treatment is revolutionized through DNA insights and precision formulations for optimal results.

Miami, FL (August 23, 2023) – Hair is an integral aspect of personal identity, and the effects of hair loss can profoundly impact psychological health. Roots by Genetic Arts has pioneered a new era in hair regrowth solutions and has created the first and only genetic test on the market that offers personalized hair loss treatment recommendations based on an individual’s genetic makeup. Through the fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and genetic insights, Roots by Genetic Arts empowers consumers with a tailor-made approach to hair regrowth, enhancing confidence and psychological well-being.

 Customers receive an at-home DNA test kit, enabling them to provide a quick cheek swab sample. This genetic information, combined with comprehensive clinical data, is used to generate a personalized hair loss report. The test analyzes biomarkers across body processes including circulation and blood flow, inflammation, androgenic effect, collagen synthesis, insulin-like growth factor metabolism and prostaglandin metabolism.  

Roots by Genetic Arts is built upon a foundation of over 7 years of scientific research, involving rigorous testing on more than 13,000 patients. Roots by Genetic Arts also benefits from the expertise of a team of board-certified dermatologists, including Clinical Advisor Dr. Michael Wolfeld. As a renowned specialist in plastic surgery and hair restoration, Dr. Wolfeld has been featured as a hair loss expert on the Today Show, Dr.Oz Show, GoodDay NY, Inside Edition, and the New York Times. 

Through the examination of 16 key genetic variations linked to treatment effectiveness, Roots by Genetic Arts DNA test supplies essential information, enabling us to meticulously curate the ideal ingredients for its therapies. These components encompass FDA-approved pharmaceutical ingredients, clinically validated solutions, as well as hair growth-enhancing essential oils and compounds that combat hair loss, along with vital vitamins and minerals. By predicting treatment responsiveness, Roots by Genetic Arts minimizes trial and error, maximizes treatment efficacy, and reduces the likelihood of adverse effects.  

Initiating hair loss treatment at the earliest signs with medications known to prevent hair loss and promote the regrowth of certain hair follicles is crucial. By targeting these follicles early, there is a greater likelihood of maintaining their integrity for a longer period, potentially resulting in thicker hair. 

Roots by Genetic Arts utilizes a combination therapy approach and leverages the broadest selection of approved hair loss medications and over 30 active pharmaceutical ingredients to find the optimal formulation based on an individual’s lifestyle questionnaire, medical history and DNA test.  The report back that the customer receives details an individual’s hair loss characteristics and offers tailored recommendations for a hair growth topical solution. This personalized formulation is then conveniently delivered to the customer’s doorstep, ensuring a seamless and effective experience.Using our level of comprehensive genetic and lifestyle data, and access to the broadest range of active pharmaceuticals, we’re excited to give customers the most precise hair loss treatment on the market, and finally end the hair loss guessing game.” says Carla Brenner, Co-founder. 

Roots by Genetic Arts offers its genetic hair loss test at a one-time purchase price of $210. For ongoing personalized treatment, the subscription-based option for the personalized hair growth topical is priced at $109 per month (*Pricing is subject to change). Information on  both options can be found on the Roots website. 

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