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This Is The Single Most Important Factor in Millenials Choosing What Hotel to Visit

I know I can personally attest to this trend that’s going on.

Before I pick any hotel or destination to visit, I look up the hotel on Instagram to make sure the photos actually live up to what you see on their official website.

I mean, you can’t beat the amazing view of Casa Kimball shown above.


Let’s face it: Times are changing and today’s youth are changing along with it.

In a social media obsessed society, The Chainsmokers described it best in their viral hit appropriately titled “Selfie”.

If you need proof, look no further than vacation choices. Back in the day, when a person wanted to go on vacation, they did extensive research on the locations, hotels, food, and drink options before settling down with their final choice. Sometimes, professionals were even brought in to help the process along so that vacationers got the most bang for their back. Now, however, times have sadly changed.

Weather and good value are a thing of the past and the vast majority of millenials are now choosing their holiday destinations based on one seemingly irrelevant factor: The location’s Instagrammability.

According to an article written by The Independent, a recent study has revealed that two-fifths (40.1 per cent) of millennials choose a travel spot based on its Instagrammability.

What is Instagrammability, you may ask? Well, it isn’t some fancy drink or the name of an up and coming trend. It is simply the ability for people to take “like” worthy Instagram photos. Yes, you are reading this correctly — Nearly half of millenials are choosing vacation spots based on whether or not they can take a hip Instagram photo there.

It is less about enjoying your relaxing time away from home and more getting a coveted snap of those beautiful blue seas, breathtaking views, and gasp-worthy landmarks. The thought process is as follows: If a locaction will garner you a unique picture that will afford you more likes (and therefore more followers), it is therefore a contender in the vacation destination pool. If it doesn’t, regardless of how great the spot may be, it is out of the running.

Instead, we have provided you with a short list of things you should be basing your holiday destination choices on.

Food and drink affordability.


Many affordable vaccination spots either don’t provide enough food and drink options, or provide ones that are far too expensive for vacationers to pay for. It is important to do a bit of research beforehand and find a place that not only provides an affordable room, but varied food and drink options that won’t break the bank. When all else fails, never turn your back at possibly going for an all inclusive resort so you won’t have to worry about anything for the duration of your stay.

Insurance options.


Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances pop up all the time. It is important that you have a back up plan for when things get out of your control. Many hotels offer insurance at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, if you own a holiday home of your own, you may want to look into having holiday home insurance. Schofields Insurance, for example, offers extensive coverage in multiple European countries.



You should go to Paris because you want to see the Eiffel Tower, New York because you want to see the Statue of Liberty, etc. Basing your vacation on popular landmarks is perfectly okay. The best part about this, perhaps, is that it will still provide you with that awesomely Instagram worthy photo that will make your friends and strangers alike jealous for weeks to come.

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