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Ladies (and Gentlemen) Here’s What To Know Before You Start Wearing Wigs

Cardi B is our inspiration. When she first exploded on the scene in Love & Hip Hop, she had a new, different wig in every single episode. The only problem was her co-stars kept copying her hairstyle.

Here’s some advice even Cardi would love on how to rock a wig and own it.

If this is your first time to wiggle the world then this is for you. As a beginner at wearing wigs, you must know something about the wigs world. Here you get some tips to guide you to take the next step in wearing wigs to stylish yourself.

A wig is a hair accessory. It helps to cover hair loss or to enhance the presence of hair on your head. The hair used in the wig is generally human hair, synthetic fibers, or animal hair.

Know your head size

If you are wearing the wig on your head it should fit into your head. If not so, then it looks unnatural and even uncomfortable to wear. First, know your head size by taking measurements using tape. It can measure from forehead to nape of the neck or ear to ear measurement.

Four different sizes of headband wigs are available from the smallest to the largest cap. They are ultra petite, petite cap, average cap, and large-cap.

Ultra petite is the smallest wig that fits a head size range from 19 to 20 inches.

The Petite cap is slightly larger, suitable for heads measuring 20 to 21 inches.

The average cap is considered one size fits most and it is the common size among the people. Fit into head size between 21 and 22.5 inches.

You can choose the right size that fits you.

Finding your style

When going to shop for wigs you can find many types of wigs with different styles. So prepare yourself for which styles and types you are going to purchase. It should be more stylish and also maintainable. Different styles of wigs are there such as lace front wigs, polyurethane style, synthetic and natural.

The lace front wigs come with a soft lace base. It is a hand-tied wig.

The poly wigs are very thin and pigmented. These skin-like wigs are easier to stick using tapes and adhesives. Some of the other popular wig types are full lace wigs, custom-made wigs, monofilament hair wigs, Miraj hair skin wigs, weft cap wigs, hand-tied wigs, machine weft wigs, and more.

Natural hair made wigs look realistic and give a more natural look than synthetic wigs. Natural wigs can be styled and colored as natural human hair. Natural wigs will react to weather changes but synthetic remains the same. When taking the count of long-lasting natural wigs is longer than synthetic. Natural wigs are costlier than synthetic.

Find your style with types of wigs available.

Finding the color

When you are going to purchase wigs for yourself, you should choose the color that suits your skin tone and personality. Color in the synthetic wigs gives a less natural look and it might look more vibrant while natural wigs get faded and vibrant will not live up to expectation.

Cleaning and maintenance

Some extra care is needed while cleaning the wigs. Follow the below-given instruction to clean the wigs properly.

  1. Comb gently using a wide-toothed comb and detangle the hair from bottom to top
  2. Take a tub and fill it with cold water
  3. Mix a small quantity of shampoo with the water and then soak the wig for a few minutes in the shampoo mixture.
  4. Gently massage the shampoo inside the cap and rub softly.
  5. Then remove the wig from the tub and rinse it with clean cold water using another tub
  6. Apply some conditioner and leave it for 4 to 5 minutes
  7. Again rinse the wigs by soaking them in cold water
  8. Gently pat the hair using a cotton towel and allow it to dry.
  9. Don’t wring the wig.
  10. After it gets dry comb the hair from top to bottom and style as needed

How to install the wig

Steps to follow

Secure your hair: securing your hair is essential to get a natural look. Tie it into a ponytail and apply gel to prevent flyaways.

Apply your wig from front to back.

Adjust the wig until it fits into the right position

Make sure you have positioned it correctly and it covers the hairline.

Knowing the above mentioned will help you a lot while going to purchase a wig. After usage, store it in a proper place to improve its life and retain its quality.

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