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How to Do Vape Tricks: The 10 Best Vaping Tricks

Smoking has always had its fair share of tricks. Aficionados will be well aware of the likes of the fabled waterfall or the staple smoke ring, and who could forget about that time Gandalf blew out a smoke galleon?

With the growth of vaping comes a whole new set of opportunities, however, and vapers have already been hard at work perfecting dozens of new tricks – so much so that there are even competitions for the best tricksters (or cloud chasers) to showcase their steamy skills.

And to get you practicing, we’ve collected ten of the best. Vape pens at the ready!

how to do vape tricks

The Kit

Now, before you go trying to master any tricks, you need to make sure you’ve got the right kit and understand the basics.

To start, you’re going to need a vape pen that produces nice big clouds, as your ability to complete the following tricks depends on of the amount of steam you’ve got to play with. Therefore, we recommend gearing up with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) to produce voluminous clouds of crisp, clean vapour.

The next thing to consider is the type of e-liquid you employ in your pen. If you use the wrong one, you won’t produce a very big cloud. And if you don’t produce a very big cloud, say goodbye to chasing them.

Now, when you vape, the e-liquid you use is probably a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). This blend is known for being smooth and more pleasant to smoke. When it comes to performing tricks, however, pleasure shouldn’t be your primary concern – you need an e-liquid that will produce denser clouds. Therefore, go with a blend that is VG heavy: Your liquid should be at least 70% VG for performing amateur tricks.

Vaping Tricks

Ghost Hit

The first trick in our list is one of the most popular in the vaping community: The Ghost Hit, or Ghost Inhaling. The trick essentially involves the re-inhaling of exhaled vapour quickly and subtly, in order to leave little more than a ‘ghost’ of the vape cloud dancing away from you.

To do this trick, avoid drawing the vape deep into your lungs and instead let it collect in your mouth, much like you would if you were to smoke a cigar. Then, as you release a small puff of vape, lean into to it and suck it back into your lungs. Boo!

The Dragon

Next up is The Dragon, the most badass of all the vaping tricks. And to do this one, all you’ve got to do is purse your lips while letting smoke leak out of a couple of orifices. Except that one. Get your mind out of the gutter.

To master this trick, get used to pursing your lips and looking like an idiot, as you’re going to be doing a lot of that. Once you’re looking suitably foolish, take a nice long drag of your pen and hold the vapour in your mouth. Then, while pursing your lips to allow vapour to leak out of the sides, blow a gust of vape out through your nostrils. Oh hey there, Mr. Dragon.

French Inhale

Made famous by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, this trick, also known as the Irish Waterfall, sees tricksters re-inhale vapour that’s leaking out of their lips back in through the nostrils.

One of the coolest tricks in our list, you’ll be happy to hear it’s relatively easy to do. All you’ve got to do is move your jaw forward and direct the vapour that will leak out upwards and in the direction of your nostrils. Then just suck it back in through your nose.

Bane Inhale

The Bane Inhale is a great adaptation on the French Inhale, inspired by legendary Batman villain, Bane. And while it’s not particularly easy, if you can do a good Irish Waterfall, you should be able to do a good Bane.

To do this trick, follow the same instructions as above, but rest your top row of teeth on your bottom lip to produce what looks like bars of smoke rising out of your mouth. Then, as with the French Inhale, just suck the vapour back in through your nostrils, put on a military style vest and have a fist fight with Christian Bale. [Edit: Only the first part is necessary to complete the trick].

Vapour Bubble

Now we’re moving on to props. And for this one, you’re going to need the most glamorous of all of them: a toilet roll.

Once you’ve got your roll, simply dip it in a bubble (washing up liquid) solution as you take a big pull on your vape pen. Then, putting the toilet roll to your mouth, blow vapour through the tube and into the bubble film that’s formed on the other side of the roll. Now, watch in awe as a bubble magically forms on the end of your tube. And not just a normal bubble; a grey bubble.


The Tornado involves whipping a flat pool of vapour with your hand so that it spins into an elliptical tornado shape. Just do so mindfully to avoid Bill Paxton (of Twister fame) dropping by.

To do this trick, blow an ample amount of vapour onto a perfectly flat surface. A well-polished coffee table will work well, though any flat surface should suffice. Once you’ve collected a dense cloud of vapour, quickly push your hand into it and whip it upwards. This will form the smoke into a tornado shape, making it twist and dance on your table top.

Blowing Os

You’ve definitely already seen this one – smokers have been blowing them for generations. And while its notoriety might remove the surprise, it’s one of the first tricks all cloud chasers should master to be taken seriously at this game.

Unfortunately, however, this one takes practice. First, take a pull on your vape pen and let the vapour sit in your throat. Secondly, rest your tongue on the bottom of your mouth before drawing it backwards and upwards – cutting out the O shape of the vapour you’re about to expel. Finally, form your lips into the same O shape and gently pulsate your exhalations to push out little plumes of stunningly circular vapour.

Bull Ring

Once you master Blowing Os, it’s time to move on to another, more advanced vaping trick.

The Bull Ring involves blowing out a nice big O ring and inhaling it back in through your nostrils. And the good news is that once you can blow a good O, you should have no problem with this one: Just let your O ring float for a couple of seconds so that it grows as big as possible, gently lean in with your nose, and inhale.

Double and Triple Os

Keeping with our Os, this trick will have you blowing two or three Os simultaneously off of the back of one inhalation. And although it looks impressive, it’s actually very simple.

Whilst blowing a normal O, put your index finger over your lips as if you were telling somebody to, ‘Shhhhhh’. Your finger will cut up the ring into two independent Os that will float away in different directions. To blow three at a time, rest your index and your middle finger over your lips and cut that smoke donut into three slices!

Bending Os

Keeping in the theme of O rings, this last trick will have you manipulating O rings in any way you wish.

Perhaps one for the most experienced trickster, this one takes a lot of practice. First, blow a nice, thick, pronounced O ring and let it float away from you. Once it’s been in the air for a couple of seconds, move your hand into it and push it in whatever direction you want it to go. Just be sure not to come into contact with the ring itself, these fragile little Os will break apart at the slightest touch.

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