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How a Student Can Save Money On Travel

Many people believe that travel is a luxury that students cannot afford. This is especially true for trips abroad. However, you should not give up the desire to see the world, you can do tourism on a budget. The experts of law essay writing service will give some important recommendations on how to travel with a minimum budget and expenses.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The first thing every student should do is get an ISIC card, which proves you’re a student abroad. It allows you to get about 40,000 discounts in 120 countries around the world.

The cards are valid in Europe and America, as well as in Australia, Japan, China, and several countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

International festivals, conferences, and seminars

Another great way to travel cheaply or even for free is to participate in all kinds of student seminars, conferences, and international festivals. Usually, they are held abroad and allow you not only to visit many countries but also to spend time usefully.

During the day students attend lectures, debates, workshops, and seminars. And in the evening they go to concerts, theaters or clubs, so they have a lot of fun while they are abroad.

Such events are a unique opportunity to practice the language, meet new people, gain new knowledge, and travel significantly cheaper.

Free tours of European cities

When you come to another country, everyone wants to learn more about it. To see the cities of Europe through the eyes of the locals, you can contact special companies.

They offer free tours, and for students, they offer discounts on unique paid tours of 14 European cities: Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Paris, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Prague.

The tours are led by ordinary people who are in love with their city and want to share this feeling with travelers. To book a tour, just go to the website, select the desired city and convenient time.

International volunteer programs

To go on a vacation to another country for a long time, every student can choose an interesting volunteer program. Usually, they last from two weeks to several months and involve pro bono work on a social problem, such as helping to prepare a music festival, rescue the ecological environment of a unique reserve, caring for the offspring of sea turtles, or renovating an old castle. It is not possible to make money, but it is possible to have fun, gain new impressions, and get acquainted with another country.

To formalize the trip you need to pay a small fee and tickets. In return, the organizers of the program provide accommodation and meals.


When planning accommodation, every student can save a lot of money by staying in hostels. Such budget accommodation includes a bed in a common room with other tourists (from 2 to 24 people), a bathroom and toilet in the room or on the floor, and sometimes breakfast. In addition to savings, hostels give a unique opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

For example, in the center of Paris you can stay in the hostel Arty Paris for only 19 €. And on the main street of Berlin in Aletto Kudamm Hotel & Hostel – for 14 €.

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How to get around

Of course, the cheapest way to get around is on your feet. However, in those cities that belong to the category of megacities, you can not rely solely on them. Pay attention to travel cards. They allow free travel on almost any public transport.

It is worth remembering that such action lasts for one day. This option is relevant for those students who plan to visit a huge number of places located far away from each other.


You can stay in any country in the world absolutely free of charge with the help of the Couchsurfing community. This is a large international association of travelers, which promotes the “exchange of hospitality.” The main point is to help each other for free to provide accommodation, food, language, and culture, etc.

Traveling with the help of Couchsurfing you can see another country from the inside, feel its atmosphere, practice the language, make new acquaintances and expand your horizons.

General recommendations

It is also possible to save money while traveling by keeping to the following advice:

  • handle the visa arrangements yourself;
  • get an international student card, ISIC, which is valid in many countries;
  • use messengers, Skype or other programs for free calls;
  • avoid buying paper maps or travel guides. It is better to use special apps on your smartphone;
  • you can get to most places with tours and excursions on your own.

Student years are an ideal time for all kinds of exploration of the world, including travel. Few students can afford a trip abroad, because such an activity is not cheap. However, using the tips above, students will be able to organize their trip as comfortably as possible and, most importantly, on a budget. You can also save money on online student aid when you travel. All you need to do is hire a cheap essay writer who will write any type of student paper for a reasonable fee.

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