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15 Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a 40 Hour Workweek

Highest Paying Jobs Without Working 40 Hours

Nobody works these days. Walk around any coffee shop at 2pm on a weekday and it’ll be packed with people.

Do these people have jobs? Are they taking the day off?

Most likely they are freelancers. there are an estimated 53 million freelancers in the US, and most of them don’t have to work more than 40 hours.

And when they do work, they can work anywhere, anytime they want.

Must be nice.

So if you want to cash in on these lucrative careers that don’t require punching a 40-hour clock. We broke down the amount of hours worked, and the amount made per hour, and ranked them from least to most.

The highest paid on the list works only 38 hours per week and makes $91/hour.

Highest Paying Hourly Jobs

15. Speech-language pathologists


A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is an exceedingly prepared proficient who assesses and treats kids and grown-ups who experience issues with speech or dialect. In spite of the fact that individuals frequently consider speech and dialect as a similar thing, the terms really have altogether different implications.

Average hours typically worked a week: 36.7

Median earned income: $60,646

Amount paid per hour: $31.77

14. Registered nurses


They survey tolerant medical issues and needs, create and actualize nursing-care plans, and keep up medicinal records.

Average hours typically worked a week: 37.6

Median earned income: $61,844

13. Occupational therapists

Physical therapist (20s) working with patient (50s), gait training on parallel bars. Doctors in background.

Physical therapist (20s) working with patient (50s), gait training on parallel bars. Doctors in background.

They give rehabilitative medications and systems that help fabricate or reestablish professional, homemaking, and day by day living abilities.

Average hours typically worked a week: 36.4

Median earned income: $62,162

12. Writers and authors


They ready composed material like scripts, stories, ads, and other material.

Average hours typically worked a week: 36.1

Median earned income: $62,480

11. Fundraisers


They compose exercises to raise reserves or generally request and assemble fiscal gifts or different presents for an association.

Average hours typically worked a week: 39.3

Median earned income: $63,609

10. Postsecondary teachers


They educate understudies in a wide assortment of scholastic and profession and specialized subjects past the secondary school level.

Average hours typically worked a week: 37.4

Median earned income: $64,667

9. Physical therapists

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

They survey, arrange, sort out, and take an interest in rehabilitative projects that enhance versatility, diminish torment, increment quality, and enhance or right incapacitating conditions coming about because of illness or damage.

Average hours typically worked a week: 38.0

Median earned income: $70,012

8. Audiologists


They evaluate and treat people with hearing and related issue.

Average hours typically worked a week: 38.5

Median earned income: $73,528

7. Radiation therapists

Radiologic technician smiling at mature female patient lying on a CT Scan bed

They give radiation treatment to patients as endorsed by a radiologist as per built up practices and guidelines.

Average hours typically worked a week: 38.6

Median earned income: $74,297

6. Psychologists


They analyze or assess mental and enthusiastic scatters of people through perceptions, interviews, and mental tests and define and manage projects of treatment.

Average hours typically worked a week: 36.7

Median earned income: $77,369

5. Chiropractors


They evaluate, treat, and administer to patients by control of spine and musculoskeletal framework.

Average hours typically worked a week: 39.4

Median earned income: $93,950

4. Financial examiners


They implement or guarantee consistence with laws and directions overseeing monetary and securities organizations and money related and land exchanges.

Average hours typically worked a week: 39.9

Median earned income: $98,662

3. Pharmacists


They apportion drugs endorsed by doctors and other wellbeing experts and give data to patients about prescriptions and their utilization.

Average hours typically worked a week: 37.9

Median earned income: $100,437

2. Optometrists


They analyze, oversee, and treat conditions and sicknesses of the human eye and visual framework.

Average hours typically worked a week: 38.3

Median earned income: $122,024

1.  Dentists

Portrait Of Dental Nurse With Dentist Examining Patient In Background

They look at, analyze, and treat illnesses, wounds, and mutations of teeth and gums.

Average hours typically worked a week: 38.4

Median earned income: $181,079

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