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Happy 420! Now Here Are The 10 Best Stoner Movies of All Time

It’s April 20th, 4/20, the day folks young and old get together to share a puff or two, roll a J, and laugh some of the best laughs possible.  The sticky greenness has made huge strides in the last few years, leaving residents of Colorado and the likes to enjoy this holiday in the open.  Others, unfortunately, will still have to celebrate in the comfort of their homes hiding away from ‘The Man’.

So, for those that can’t enjoy the sunshine and smoke at the same time, we give you– in no particular order– the best stoner movies of all time.  Watch one tonight while you light up, and enjoy the plant that makes so many happy.

How High


Friends brought back from the dead via smoke, Harvard, parties, and Method Man and Redman, what else could you ask for?

Half Baked


A 90’s classic that is as good to smoke to today as it was the first time you saw it.  Get yourself some Mr. Nice Guy and have a happy holiday with Dave Chappelle

Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke


As far as stoner movies go, this set itself as a classic long ago.  Who better to light up with today than the original stoners of comedy?

Available for steaming on Netflix

Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Stoner high school magic featuring the one and only Sean Penn.  Take a hit and allow yourself to get lost in the 80’s.

The Big Lebowski


The Dude abides.

Available for steaming on Netflix

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


The sequels are funny, but there is no beating the original.  Do yourself a favor and order some fast food in advance.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


Another infamous stoner duo guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor laughing– while you’re rolling other things, of course.

Available for steaming on Netflix

Super High Me


The only documentary on our list.  Join comedian Doug Benson as he smokes his way into hall of fame highs staying continuously stoned for 30 days.

Available for steaming on Netflix

Grandma’s Boy


A ridiculously stoned all-star Happy Madison cast that will leave you laughing your ass off.

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