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Fun Ways on Reusing Bottle Caps You Collected in Your Travel

You have probably asked yourself what the bottle cap on your beer can do for you. Well, the matter of fact is that the cap can do many things, which you can never imagine. With so many ideas, it will be a simple project to repurpose the bottle caps. All you need to do is find those ideas and apply them. Metallic or plastic caps may be molded into amazing art pieces without applying some effort. However, you have to remember that some ideas may not bring the result immediately. You will need to develop some patience before you gather many bottle caps.

For this reason, some creative ways of reusing the caps are outlined below.

1Make Mini Candles

It is simple to melt the wax and pour the molten liquid into the bottle caps to design beautiful mini candles. You can use melted crayons instead of candle wax so that you may make the rainbow or tie-dye candles.

2 Design Earrings

Most women look good on earrings. The 52 Brews website can help you to know about their favorites bottle cappers to crimp bottle tops, which are necessary for making beautiful earrings; hence, once you have the caps, you need to string some beads on the hooks to have spectacular designs.

3Cap Ideal for Flowers

If you have a garden and you are thinking of making it beautiful, know that bottles can be suitable. The cap flowers are simple to design because all that you require is a glue and wood material. You can choose to maintain their normal colors or select paint to become colorful.

4Used in Mirrors

Once people dress, the first thing that they do is look in the mirror to find out if they are looking good. If a day cannot end without looking yourself in the mirror, then it means you value how you look. Hence, it will be important to change the mirror’s design. You will not only have a well-designed mirror, but you will also get a personalized room.

5Caps for Magnets

Most homes have a fridge in the kitchen. If you have one, don’t you think a magnetized cap will look good on your fridge? Of course, the look will be perfectly okay. You can also use them on letters. After writing a letter or message from your family or friends, you can use the caps to stick it on the wall. It will be easy for the recipient to spot the letter while attached with a bottle cap.

6Use the Caps to Transform Thumbtacks

Many people use tacks on a daily basis. If you find them boring with the basic look, then you need to think of changing their appearance. Use the old caps that you have been gathering and paste some pictures inside the tacks. You can imagine a tack with the pictures of your friends and family; it will be an amazing look, don’t you agree?

Therefore, every time you are check-in to a nearby bar or club, it will be great to remember that these caps are useful. Do not think of throwing them away. They will surely help you in one way or the other. You need to consider one of these ideas, and you will know what to do instead of disposing them.
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