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4 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Front Door

While it might be a comparatively unloved part of your house, we think there’s a lot to love about your front door.

Think about it – how welcomed do you feel when you put your key in the lock, how often do you breathe a sigh of relief that now, finally, you’re home?

Yet most of us don’t really bother about the front of our house. Instead of comfort it’s functional, like a car tyre or the breezeblocks holding up your garage.

Let’s put a stop to this blithe neglect of our front doors! Man the barricades! Pull up the drawbridge! It’s time for some tips that’ll turn your front door from doom and gloom to warm and welcome.


Get luxurious with your door mats

You probably bought your first door mat from Poundland when you moved into your newest abode. Either that, or it was a relic from the precious occupant. No one really cares about door mats, you see – unless they buy one that’s really meaningful to them.

Fine rubber backed mats from a specialist supplier, for instance, will add the WOW factor to the soles of your shoes.

Imagine it – a mat that actually removes dirt, instead of just ineffectually brushing at it like a cat pawing at a ball of wool.

These are the mats dreams are made of – and they make Poundland look puny by comparison.  

Fling up some ferns

Flowers are the perfect greeting, and not only if you’re courting in the 1950s. Their soft scent running through your garden can be a relaxing retreat from the world, and provide a healthy dose of colour to your doorstep.

Even the simplest potted plants from Homebase can brighten up the entrance to your home, but imagine what difference it’ll make if you add a little bit of panache to proceedings.

Some intricate trellising or a few large ferns will make your front door look like a countryside haven – even if you’re on a council estate in Chepstow.

A fresh lick of paint

Look at the paint on your front door. Chipped, peeling, older than a Marathon Bar – there are few more superlatives to describe this door in dire need of painting.

Paint your door to match the interior design of your house to add congruity to your inner and outer spaces.

If you want to get really intricate, consider painting your front door multiple colours. It’ll either look really jazzy or a like you’re a children’s TV presenter – but either’s better than looking drab.

Glam glazing

An entirely new front door with a small window fitted could be the key to adding a friendlier air to your entrance. Not only this, but it’ll add more light to your hallway. You’re killing two birds with one stone – and all you need is a pane of glass in your front door!

Do you have any suggestions on how to add some pizzazz to home entrance? Then let us know in the comments below.

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