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Fly Blade: The Future of Travel. Pricing, Helicopter, Private Plan Routes [$100 OFF]

If you haven’t taken your first flight with Blade, and just want the Flyblade referral code, use AndrewW53, and you’ll get $100 off your first ride.

Editor’s Note: The promo code now only offers $50 off.

With the help of advanced technology and a global network of partners, BLADE is committed to making air travel more affordable and convenient for people in some of the most congested areas of both the United States and internationally.

BLADE is the only airline that flies more passengers in and out of major cities than any other. See BLADE’s helicopter and private jet charter routes here.

It’s possible to charter or crowdsource flights anywhere in the world using BLADE, which offers seat-by-seat bookings on scheduled flights between New York and Los Angeles. From the minute you book, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled degree of precision, culture of lodging, and on-the-ground experience. You may use BLADE whether you’re flying in a helicopter, seaplane, or a jet to alleviate some of the urban travel woes that have grown increasingly prevalent in our daily lives.

Health and safety are of the utmost importance to the company. Blade is a popular app just like Uber, but for private helicopters, planes and seaplanes.

What is Fly Blade?

Technology-enhanced, global urban air mobility platform Blade aims to reduce travel friction by providing cost-effective air transportation options to some of the most congested ground routes in the United States and worldwide.

If you want to fly by the seat, you may do so with BLADE. You can also charter or crowdsource a flight anywhere in the world with BLADE. You may use BLADE whether you’re flying in a helicopter, seaplane, or a jet to alleviate some of the urban travel headaches that have grown increasingly commonplace in our daily lives.

If you haven’t taken your first flight with Blade, and just want the Flyblade referral code, use AndrewW53, and you’ll get $100 off your first ride.

Editor’s Note: The promo code now only offers $50 off.

BLADE one, a seasonal by-the-seat jet service between Manhattan and Miami or Manhattan and Aspen, was introduced by Blade in December 2015. The initial trip was conducted on December 3rd, in connection with Art Basel, using a Gulfstream IV jet. One of the world’s most opulent air travel services, the service seats 12 passengers and includes luxuries like meals prepared by gourmet chefs.

BLADE one continued in November 2016, using a commercial airline plane generally configured for 65 people, but refitted for 16 passengers. Cynthia Rowley and Sarah Jessica Parker created the BLADE one uniforms, termed the “chicest uniforms of all time.”

The One-Click weekend was relaunched in collaboration with the Faena Hotel Blade this year. Customers who purchased two round-trip flights on BLADE one received complimentary hotel accommodations and ground transportation to and from Blade Lounge Miami at the Faena Hotel Miami.

BLADE one is the only service that offers a direct connection between Manhattan and Aspen. This service uses a Gulfstream G400 and has a capacity of 14 passengers.

How much does Blade Cost?

While chartering a helicopter flight through Blade can cost in several thousand dollars, Blade Continuous has a flat rate of $195 per person.

For those who are not interested in paying that much when heading to the airport, you can get to JFK from Manhattan for as little as a Metrocard swipe plus $5. Blade occasionally publishes promo codes that offer a discount on your first ride. If you haven’t taken your first flight with Blade, and just want the Fly Blade referral code, use AndrewW53, and you’ll get $100 off your first ride.

Editor’s Note: The promo code now only offers $50 off.

Blade’s lounge on Manhattan’s West Side charges roughly $190 in taxes and duties on seats starting at $2450 one-way. That increases to $2750 if the passenger wants to include the helicopter transfer between Blade’s lounge and Westchester. A light-jet charter between New York and Miami normally costs over $15,000, although last-minute first-class flights between the two cities typically cost around $500.

What is the Blade App and how does it work?

Blade is an app that lets people in New York City, Southern California, and the San Francisco area book chartered, private, or shared short-distance helicopter flights to various airports as well as the Hamptons.

The software enables passengers to get to their weekend destinations in around 35 minutes and is currently available for Apple iOS and Android.

  • Before you can book a flight, you need to download the app and make an account.
  • Once your account is set up, go to the home screen and look for “Blade Airport” or “Continuous.”
  • You can book a same-day flight, or book one for a future date. Same-day is usually fine, but keep in mind that some popular times might be taken. If a Continuous flight is full, you can still charter a ride, but this costs much, much more.
  • Next, enter your flight information. Blade uses this at the end of your helicopter ride to coordinate cars to the airport terminals.
  • Next, enter any promo codes you have. If it’s your first ride, you can get $100 off with the code AndrewW53.
  • Before you check out, you have to accept the terms, including the baggage policy because obviously Blade reserves the right to weigh luggage.
  • And just like that, you are booked for a flight.

How was Blade launched, and what is its background?

Blade was launched on 26th May of 2014 with service between Manhattan, Southampton, East Hampton, and Montauk. On May 7, 2021, Blade became the first publicly traded urban air mobility company.

Blade is the brainchild of Rob Wiesenthal, COO of Warner Music, and Steve Martocci, serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder of GroupMe and Splice. Their vision was to use mobile technology to democratize helicopter travel, making it accessible to a brand new consumer.

Where can I fly with Blade?

Blade has added services to an entire slew of destinations, including Nantucket, the Jersey Shore, Los Angeles, Newport, Atlantic City, and Litchfield County, Connecticut.

The company has also entered into partnerships for special events like Coachella. BLADE has been active this 2017 and has been growing steadily. 

How Does Blade Work?

Blade has its own private entrance at the heliport. When you walk in, there’s a lounge bar where you can sit and have a pleasant experience while waiting for your flight. 

Once you check in, you’ll get a wristband that corresponds to your flight. You’ll also get a luggage tag to match the wristband. Luggage is treated with extreme care, a stark contrast to the unfortunate reality that luggage is so often tossed around carelessly on commercial flights.  

Once boarded, the flight attendant seats passengers based on their self-reported weight to keep the aircraft balanced.  

Blade recommends arriving at least a half-hour early. The check-in process is quick and easy. All you need to do is show the agent your ID. Within a matter of seconds, there will be a boarding-pass bracelet on your wrist and tags on your luggage. That is it. There are no lines, the bags are not weighed, and there is no security check.

After check-in, people are offered a drink from the bar.

The lounge is comfortable and stylish, equipped with fast Wi-Fi and many conveniently placed power outlets by the couch. Aside from a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks, there are a few mini Kind Bars on offer.

Today, BLADE maintains a commitment to minimizing its environmental impact. Currently, the company maintains carbon emissions neutrality by purchasing offets to compensate for emissions. Meanwhile, it eagerly awaits the development of carbon-zero EVA technology that will allow for completely clean transport.

Funding or purchasing credits created by initiatives in our core service areas is a goal for BLADE. Feel free to take a look at the blog to learn more about how the company supports a project to capture methane gas from one of New York’s major landfills.

Not only do these contributions help the environment more broadly. They also do so in the NYC community where many of Blade’s customers reside.

Does Blade Offer On-Demand Flights?

Blade makes use of an app to maintain flights on helicopters and seaplanes that you can book seats on in an instant. Though Blade started out with flights to the Hamptons, which remains one of its most popular destinations, the startup has expanded to offer flights in many weekend getaway spots, including Nantucket, the Jersey Shore, and around different parts of Los Angeles.

In addition to its regular helicopter service to New York, Miami, and Los Angeles airports, Blade offers on-demand charters for helicopters, turboprop aircraft, and any type of private jet to nearly any airport in the world. While chartering a whole jet isn’t inexpensive, Blade also allows you to book by the seat on regularly scheduled flights to famous holiday destinations like Aspen, Colorado, Miami, and Nassau in the Bahamas, just like JSX.

With the help of “FlightTilt,” Blade gives the option of booking a shared charter on your own timetable. Once four other seats have been purchased, the flight is confirmed. There is an alternative option for those who want a guaranteed shared charter from New York to Florida and are willing to spend a minimum of $3,750 each to reserve a minimum of two seats and let Blade sell the other tickets.

If you haven’t taken your first flight with Blade, and just want the Flyblade referral code, use AndrewW53, and you’ll get $100 off your first ride.

Editor’s Note: The promo code now only offers $50 off.

Scheduled service between Westchester, New York (HPN) and Miami’s Opa Locka Airport (OMA) is provided by specially-configured Bombardier CRJ200s (OPF). Normally, 50 seats as an average commercial passenger jet, Blade has turned these into a luxury jet for 16 passengers.

Blade Prices: Fly Private Affordably

Blade remains a great deal when it comes to private, luxury flight. A one-way ticket with BLADE costs around $500, give a little or take a little, depending on flight time. But compared to the average cost of a flight on a private helicopter to the Hamptons, which hovers around $3,000 (and carries 1.7 passengers, whereas BLADE carries 6).

Fly Blade: Aircraft Amenities

  • Beside your seat upon boarding are fresh tulip, a cashmere throw with Blade’s logo embroidered, a plush pillow and a very well-sized amenity kit.
  • The amenity kit contains a number of unique items from various boutique brands.
  • Each seat has a universal power outlet and a USB port. An iPad Pro and headphones are available upon request.
  • There is one lavatory at the rear of the cabin. It’s definitely nicer than your average airplane bathroom and is stocked with toiletries.

Service in Fly Blade

Flying private comes with a level of service that you are unlikely to get on any commercial flight. There are two crew members working the cabin and one in the galley. The service is extremely friendly and it is clear that Blade and its employees take pride in ensuring that passengers have the best experience possible.

Where and When does Blade Fly Seasonally?

BLADE one is a seasonal service offered at least twice a week from November through mid-April. It leaves New York on Thursdays and Fridays and returns Sundays and Mondays, with additional flights offered over holidays and special events. Flights operate in and out of Westchester County Airport, about 30 miles north of New York City, and Miami Executive Airport.

A seat starts at $2,450 one-way, or $2,750 including a helicopter transfer between Blade’s lounge on the West Side of Manhattan and Westchester, plus about $190 in taxes and fees. In comparison, last-minute first-class flights between New York and Miami typically cost around $500 and a light-jet charter costs around $15,000. What really ups the value with Blade is that if you purchase a set of two round-trip tickets, you’ll also get a room for the weekend at the opulent Faena Hotel Miami Beach.

Fly Blade: Anywhere 

BLADE map gets you to where you want to be with a charter flight to popular destinations in the Northeast such as Quogue, The Pines of Fire Island, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod. Check out the BLADE Anywhere section in the app for additional destinations and select your origin and destination.

If you request a BLADE Anywhere Jet, your flight will now include a BLADE Bounce helicopter transfer as well. This means that you can essentially land 100 feet away from your departing jet, leaving you little to no time to have to worry about anything else at no additional cost.

Fly Blade: Bounce

The BLADE Bounce service enables travelers to charter a helicopter with an assured boarding time within 20 minutes of booking. BLADE Bounce customers fly exclusively to and from Manhattan heliports and Teterboro Airport minimizing travel time from 45 to 60 minutes by car to much less than 5 minutes using Bounce. BLADE Bounce will secure an entire six seat Eurocopter helicopter for an all-in price of $800.

BLADE one:

BLADE one is a private plane and the latest addition to the BLADE fleet. Bombadier CR-J200 that used to seat 60 people and has been retrofitted to seat 16 people.

BLADE one is a step above flying first class on a commercial airliner. The BLADE lounge is full of helpful employees who all want to make your trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  

In addition to an amazing meal, every guest is offered an iPad to watch television on and a pair of noise canceling ear phones. They are also always allowed to get up and walk over to the snack area to grab themselves a complementary treat, ranging from granola bars to Pringles and so much more.

How can I get $100 off Fly Blade Promo Code?

Having flown on BLADE already, I can’t wait for you to take your first flight, and to help grease the wheels, BLADE offers $100 off your first flight when you use my promo code AndrewW53.

When you book your first flight using my promo code you get $50 off. For full disclosure, we receive a referral fee as well when you use the promo code. Referrals are capped at 50 per user, so if you have a ton of friends, start inviting them as well.

Blade’s Continuous service has a definite appeal for those with more disposable income who absolutely can’t spare that extra time. Or, for anyone who wants to take advantage of the first-time discount to splurge on a fun nine-minute ride on their next trip to the airport.

If you haven’t taken your first flight with Blade, and just want the Flyblade referral code, use AndrewW53, and you’ll get $100 off your first ride.

Editor’s Note: The promo code now only offers $50 off.


















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