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Esports: History, Predictions, and More

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If you’re a regular reader of our pages, you’ll already know and share our passion for gaming. If this is your first visit to our beloved site, we welcome and thank you for stopping by to support us. Our pages boast the latest and most reliable information on gaming, including esports. Our dedicated team trawls the market to bring you up to speed on an exciting industry, ensuring y ou’re at the forefront of change. If you love gaming and want to be first with the latest news, stick with us. 

Our latest submission deals with the rapidly-expanding world of esports. Esports has come a long way from a niche market to one of the entertainment industry’s wealthiest and most ambitious sectors. The impact of its arrival sent shockwaves across the gaming sector, encouraging a generation of gamers to dream of being full-time, professional, and highly paid players. Esports is big business, showing no signs of slowing. 

Where did esports come from, and where is it headed? Do we know its potential? Those working closely with esports are reluctant to make bold predictions as the land constantly shifts and modernizes. The latest sportsbook reviews show leading online apps are increasing their esports coverage. It’s now challenging traditional sports like tennis and baseball regarding followers. 

Times are changing 

What can you expect from this article? Our team of writers is amazed by esports and its potential. We have followed its journey from a footnote at the top apps to a major player in the industry. Could esports challenge soccer, football, and horse racing in viewing figures? There’s no telling, but we know it’s headed in the right direction. There may be a time shortly when esports will be shown on TV as regularly as soccer, drawing the same crowds. 

Our esports team looks at where the industry started, how and why it evolved quickly, and where it could be heading. There’s information on the top games and teams, how to watch esports live on your smartphone, and making predictions. The leading apps in Las Vegas and beyond offer odds, specials, bonuses, and even free bets on esports. We’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to bring readers reliable information on esports trends.  

By the end of this article, we want readers to have the information required to watch the next esports fixture and make predictions on the winner of an upcoming tournament. It’s obvious esports is rising fast, and you must be ready to adapt to the changes if you want to watch, interact and predict the result of games. 


To the untrained eye, esports is an overnight sensation, which may lead to feelings of it being a fad. Just the latest trend to rock the gaming community before fading out like a damp squib. But nothing could be further from the truth. Esports has been around and active for longer than many know, and that solid foundation and experience are the building blocks for success. 

Followers of the online gambling sector will be more familiar with esports than most, perhaps without even realizing it. Bettors could make predictions and wager on esports for years, but it was a niche market that only attracted a little attention outside of diehard gamers. But large bookies knew things were about to change. They invested heavily in the early days of esports, sponsoring tournaments and boosting the prize money to attract better players. 

That investment finally paid off when esports became mainstream in 2020. When the covid pandemic hit in the early stages of 2020, most cities went into lockdown with no public gatherings. Most sports were canceled or postponed, including Euro 2020 and Tokyo 2020. The Grand National and Wimbledon Championships in England were both shelved. 

As most of the population was at home without sports on TV, millions turned to esports. The games were ideal for lockdown, played remotely under live streaming rules. Watching a Premier League or NFL game wasn’t possible, but following esports was just a click away, and the industry attracted new fans by the barrel-load.  

Some new fans left when professional sports returned, but many fell in love with esports and decided to stick around to see what the future holds. That was an intelligent decision. 

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Follow the play 

Improvements in technology since the spring of 2020 have brought esports to every smartphone, laptop, and smart TV in the land. The top esports fixtures are on the best live-streaming apps, accessible on mobile using data or a Wi-Fi connection.   

Have you ever watched a live esports fixture? It’s fast-paced, unpredictable, and exciting. Watch on your smartphone from anywhere, ensuring you never miss a game. Download a live stream to your device and turn everyday scenarios into an opportunity to watch the best players take on the leading opposition. 

The best esports live streams are online gambling apps. Sportsbooks want to encourage a steady stream of new fans and esports bettors. They know the best way to encourage followers is by allowing members to watch esports free on a modern device.  

Gambling isn’t essential to watch the live stream, but you must register an account with your city’s legal and licensed app. Register, download the app, and click on the live-streaming app to view the next game. 


What does the future hold for esports? If it continues on its upward trajectory, there’s no telling where it could finish. Supporters believe esports will rival the top pro sports like soccer and football in just a few years. Critics expect it to fizz out, while those in the middle of the road know esports has staying power.  

The ability to wager on games and competitions will aid esports’ rise to the top. A multi-billion dollar esports industry backed by a superpower like online betting is a formidable duo. The long-term future of esports is uncertain, but with the gambling industry finally taking off across the United States, it’s unlikely esports will be left behind. 

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