Best First Class Flights to Rome from New York JFK/ Newark EWR


Preparing for a trip to Rome might sound like and arduous and expensive endeavour to partake in. But as our previous articles have always stated, preparing for a trip will be a breeze as long as you know the strategies and use the right resources to save you both time and money.

Why settle for economy class when you can get first class for less. And with that, let us show you the best first class flights to Rome from New York and how to get them using points.

1.) United Airlines – 615,000 points

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  • Stops – New York to Zurich to Rome
  • Total Flight Time – 9 hours and 10 minutes
  • Book through –

First Class Amenities:

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  • Larger and bigger first class seats that offer more room for your legs and to stretch.
  • Complimentary blankets and toiletries
  • Free beverage for pre-departure
  • Complimentary drinks during the flight
  • Meal Services and complimentary hot towel
  • In-flight entertainment with personal headphones and DirectTV features

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Next up, First Class on American Airlines.

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