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A Week In Dubai, What To Do!

The most advanced and futuristic of the seven countries that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is more like a self-contained city-state. Dubai, a relatively young but quickly growing tourist attraction, is situated on the Arabian Gulf’s sandy shoreline. Dubai is ideally situated at around 3 hours travel from the Middle East and 5 hours flight from Europe. Check emirates airlines booking to get an idea of fares, durations, and routes from various locations to Dubai.


Recognized for its marvelous infrastructure.  Dubai is a well-liked vacation destination for shopping, sport, partying, exquisite cuisine, sunbathing, and much more. It is home to the tallest, fastest, biggest, and highest of everything. It has the highest population in the nation due to strong expansion in various regions. It is a well-known tourist destination for travelers from all over the globe. In addition to the Burj Khalifa and other attractions and activities, food lovers like visiting Dubai. A wide selection of spicily delicious Arabian meals and mouth-watering desserts can be tried when in Dubai.

How to reach?

Fly To Dubai

The most effective method to enter Dubai is via flight. The largest airport among the emirates is in Dubai. All international flights arrive here.

Travel By Railways

Emirates Express transports passengers to Dubai inside the United Arab Emirates. In order to go from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali, travelers may alternatively ride the metro.

Travel By Road

Within Dubai, there are several methods to get about. There are many choices, including the metro, bus, taxi, and hired cab.


Things to do:

Visit Dubai’s Street Food Outlets

There are many street food establishments that you will like since they will surprise you with the incredible and mouth-watering specialties of Dubai that you will want to visit and eat at least a few times. Having said that, if you’re in Dubai, you definitely shouldn’t miss these street food hotspots.

Numerous well-known cafés in Dubai provide a range of delectable street foods. The most well-known Arabian dishes may be found at a variety of roadside cafés and include Harees, Shish Taouk Sandwich, Shawarma, Samosa, Fareed, Oman Chips Roll, Falafel, Manakish, and Madrooba. All visitors to this city with a sweet appetite are delighted by the Arabian desserts of Luqaimat and Knafeh. Karak is a widely available, reasonably priced Arabian beverage. There are a few unique places in Dubai where a vast variety of street cuisine is served to please all foodies.

Check out Bur Dubai

The oldest neighborhood in the Emirate is located on the left shore of the Creek. The ancient district of Bastakiya has undergone extensive restoration work recently, and the sand and coral structures with wind towers that served as the first residents of Dubai are making a comeback. A fascinating replica of the city in the 20th century may be seen at the Dubai Museum, which is located inside the imposing walls of the historic Al Fahidi fort. At the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, which highlights the nation’s customs, history is also given prominence.

There is a sizable Indian population in Bur Dubai. Before going to the temple, Hindus with the red tilak on their brows sell gifts to their gods at shops run by their own countrymen, giving the impression that you are in Mumbai or Madras. Hindi Lane, a bustling hidden nook in Dubai Souk that has been revamped for visitors, is a great spot to visit. The environment is more evocative of Pakistan on the opposite side of Al Fahidi Street. Wholesalers from Islamabad and Karachi do business from stands that are crammed to the gills with full rolls of cloth.

Capture memories at these amazing Photographic locations

Beach Walk in Jumeirah offers vistas of the renowned Atlantis 5-Star Hotel and the Palm Jumeirah, as originally reported on social media. The beachfront at the Dubai Marina is a gorgeous site giving a variety of backgrounds (the sea, eateries, water features, high rises apartments and hotels, charming food trucks, elegant beach cafés, etc.).

CityWalk in Dubai is a contemporary, self-contained eating and retail area that seems more like a neighborhood than the Dubai Mall. There are several open areas, fountains, works of street art, textured walls, and vibrant facades that produce very beautiful photographs. A  fantastic location for a lively and colorful photo session with well-known buildings in the backdrop.

Old Dubai is a must-visit spot for all tourists to Dubai since it provides a more accurate representation of the original Dubai. Bur Dubai’s Bastakia Quarter has been designated as a historic site. Tourists also like visiting the adjacent Spice and Textile Souks very much.

Get Awestruck by The Dubai Fountain

The biggest orchestrated dancing water fountain in the world is located in Dubai. In time with different musical genres, the Dubai Fountain blasts water into the air. Every day, it puts on performances in the afternoon and evening that last 30 minutes. The 900-foot-long fountain, which has five different-sized circles, can shoot water up to 500 feet in the air. A nighttime visit is highly recommended.

Try the delicious Persian Food

Additionally, Dubai serves up some of the world’s best Persian cuisine. You have numerous choices, from kebabs to platters.  For everyone who likes Persian cuisine, Abshar is a fantastic choice. Despite being surrounded by many stores, the menu is not your typical food court fare. Although there are numerous traditional delicacies, kebabs are especially well-liked. There is also a buffet for individuals who are having trouble deciding what to order.

Anar has tasteful furnishings that are worth experiencing. Delicious westernized Persian cuisine is served here. Although it’s a little pricey, its high quality assures that it’s often packed, so travelers would be best to go to the restaurant during off-peak hours.

A cozy, private lunch at home is what one gets while dining at Baku Caspian. It might be difficult to locate traditional Azerbaijani cuisine, but it is available here.

Appreciate the Grand Mosque.

The religion of Islam is lovely. They have tremendous regard for and understanding of other faiths since they are committed Catholics themselves. Although many people think of Dubai as being more modern and more secular, the city’s Islamic origins are indisputable and well worth researching and learning about. Going to a mosque while you’re in Dubai if you’ve never been,  Make sure to wear modest clothing since, depending on the mosque you attend, head coverings and full-length clothing may be necessary or highly advised.




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