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10 Must Follow Architecture Users on Instagram

10 Must Follow Architecture Users on Instagram

From men’s fashion to travel and lifestyle, there isn’t a thing you couldn’t frame in the little square of your Instagram app. If from the beginning it was mainly a clever way to “photoshop” and filter our photo diary, it has now become a real photo gallery which displays works from renowned artists and photographers. And with the help of Valencia, Lo-fi, Hudson & Willow almost anyone with an iPhone can become one. In this series of 10 best Instagram accounts we scrolled through #architecture and put together a list of 10 must follow architecture users on Instagram.

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trashhand architecture instagram

Amazing views of the world capitals, astonishing landmarks and construction. If you love to get lost in corridors, stairways and can’t keep your glance from the ceiling, you’ll love Trashhand’s Instagram feed.


Fernando Guerra

Fernando Guerra instagram architecture

Fernando Guerra is an architect and architectural photographer from Lisbon, Portugal who captures beautiful geometry and light with his Canon camera and iPhone. His work is regularly published in various international publications, such as Wallpaper*.


Víctor Villalobos Bilbao

Víctor Villalobos Bilbao instagram architecture interior

We could call this account ‘when nature meets architecture’. Víctor Villalobos Bilbao is an architecture from Chile who loves to incorporate contemporary & minimal design with the organic shapes of nature.


Dirk Bakker

Dirk Bakker instagram graphic architecture

This Instagram account is full of very graphic architecture which plays with proportions, color and lines. It’s created by Dirk Bakker, an Amsterdam-based photographer who loves graphic design, patterns & of course architecture.


Fran Parente

Fran Parente architecture instagram

Architectural and interior design photographer based in New York explores a variety of architectural influences from historic buildings to city skyscrapers and colorful interiors.


Vivien Wei Wei Liu

Vivien Wei Wei Liu - best architecture instagram

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and Vivien Wei Wei Liu’s photography of the capital shows just how wonderful their architectural solutions are. All the amazing angles & views are just a plus.


Ivo Zwek

ivo zwek instagram architecture interior

If you love to get inspired by modern architecture and its very graphic nature then you have to follow Ivo Zwek, a Holland-based architecture enthusiast. In his feed you’ll find astonishing views from every direction.


The doors of New York

the doors of new york instagram

The fascionation of New York City’s iconic doorsteps can be found on this account. Some rustic, some very modern, you’ll fall in love with the way New Yorkers seal their houses.


The Architext

the_architext instagram architecture

Architecture are not just tall and lean buildings, it’s all that man has created in his need for shelter, travel and living. The Architext tells a story that’s clamped between Athens and Paris.



architizer instagram architecture

One of the most diverse architectural Instagram accounts brings a little bit of everything, from conceptual design to abandoned buildings. Architizer is both inspiring and at times practical.


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