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Jack Spade History

Jack Spade was founded by Andrew Spade. He is the husband of famous designer, Kate Spade. The first Jack Spade store opened in 1999. Together, Andrew and Kate launched Jack Spade, and Kate Spade brands in 1993. Jack Spade centers around a New York Lifestyle brand for men. Aside from Jack Spade, Andrew also found many other companies. In 2008, he established Partners & Spade, a storefront and studio in lower Manhattan. In 2013, he launched a collection of loungewear, Sleepy Jones. Alongside Partners & Spade, he also produced feature films with Red Bucket Films, and writes and publishes books through HarperCollins. A "Jack of all trades" to say the least.

Jack Spade is the men's complimentary brand to the Kate Spade brand. Currently, the brand no longer belongs to the Spade family. It is now owned by Liz Claiborne. The takeover was done in 2007. The Jack Spade brand prides itself in casually elegant men's clothing. Their signature items are their messenger bags. The messenger bags are actually what started it all. The clothing came later. They started by making messenger bags out of waxed cotton and heavy canvas. The design was simple yet functional. The materials were timeless and long-lasting. In order to get a pubic view in regards to their bags' durability, they decided to sell the bags to people who use utility bags in their work. The first Jack Spade bag was sold to a hardware store in 1997. They are made with great detail, and careful precision when it comes to pockets, zippers, and pockets.

Jack Spade Review

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Jack Spade brand embodies everything that a gentleman should be wearing. Their clothing is elegant, but casual at the same time. They pride themselves on classic and traditional styles. The company started just as a messenger bag company. They specialized in durable, functional, and timeless bags. They were and still are, made with the best materials, and are manufactured in an unconventional manner. They started by making messenger bags out of waxed cotton and heavy canvas.

Through their site, and in their stores, their products are broken down into 7 signature collections. They are: On Purpose, Made In America, Waxwear, Travel, Dipped, Essentials, and The Benson Suit. The On Purpose collection has products handmade by Artisans in Rwanda. The Made In America Collection has items that are completely manufactured in the United States, with materials and textiles only from the United States. The Waxwear collection is composed of combining the durability of cotton with the water resistance of wax paraffin. Travel, has items perfect for storing your personal items when taking a trip. Dipped, are accessories and messenger bags inspired by the beauty of rubber dipped tools. Essentials are composed of year-round staples for your wardrobe. The Benton Suit Collection is nicknamed, "the uniform of the American business man." They are made with a modern approach to fit and very high attention to detail.

Store Rating: 4

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