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Birchbox History

Birchbox was started by two friends, Katia and Haley. They both loved beauty products but in different ways. They wondered how you were supposed to find beauty products that you really loved, when there are too many to search through. So, they created Birchbox. They felt that monthly box, filled with a variety of product samples, would be the best way to help people weed out what they didn't like, and what products they really loved. The company stands behind the principle of saving customers time, and money through the process of adopting tools for a beauty regimen that works for you. Therefore, these two friends created a company that operates on smart marketing, and helps customers become much more efficient at the same time.

Birchbox Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that lets customers try out a pre-selected assortment of beauty product samples. It's a clever company which saves customers time and money. If you're a beauty product buff, and love trying new products, but don't want to go broke buying so many products through the years....Birchbox is for you. The samples change every month, and come in a nicely organized box. Overall, the products they include in the monthly boxes are very diverse. They have boxes for both men and women. The women's boxes are $10 per month, and men's boxes are $20 per month. If you find that you really like one of the product samples included in your box, just go on Birchbox's website, and you can buy the regular sized version of that product, and many others, in their online store. Birchbox is a great concept for marketing beauty products, while also helping customers become more efficient with their money and knowledge of beauty products.

Store Rating: 4.5

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