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Billykirk History

Billykirk started in 1999 by two brothers, Chris and Kirk Bray in Los Angeles, California. Billykirk specializes in leather and canvas design. It was founded in order to make top quality leather goods, that only get better with time. Billykirk has partnered with three manufacturers in order to supply more inventory. They have a flagship store in New York City. It has been open to the pubic since 2005. Their smaller leather goods are handmade in-house by artisans. Some of their products are actually made by Amish leather crafters in Pennsylvania.

Because their products are sold worldwide, they make sure to keep their designs classic and toned down. This allows for a larger demographic acceptance of the product. Another signature of their products are its abundance in function. In the end, their products are not made to meet trending specifications. They're made to last for those people who appreciate longevity, utility, and overall quality.

Billykirk Review

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Billykirk is a company specializing in the craftsmanship of leather products. When creating their products, they focus on superb quality, and making a product that will only get better with age. Like other leather products, Billykirk leather products will never depreciate with time. Their classic and sleek designs allow for greater options when it comes to matching with clothing or shoes. They allow for customization for many of their products. So, you can actually express your vision to them, and they then bring it to life using their unique manufacturing methods.

Aside from their product line, their manufacturing methods are also something to admire. They do make many of their products in-house, but some of their smaller products are made by actual artisans, or Amish leather crafters in Pennsylvania. So, you KNOW you are getting a truly authentic product. They are made by people that are passionate about this elegant material, and take pride in every second spent making the product. This is something that can be uniquely appreciated today, as we live in an age where may companies prefer quantity versus quality. And because of that, many products in general are made by machines or robots in large factories. Billykirk stands apart from that ideology. They have adopted a prestigious principal to empower the creation of their products, and that is something that will sell more than a multi-million dollar factory could ever will.

Store Rating: 4.5

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