TSA Instagram: Yes, this is actually real.

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The TSA, we all know them and we either love them or hate them, usually the latter. The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA for short, has been tasked with keeping our airports safe. Their job is hard, often having to face the unhappy and even angry faces of disgruntled travelers wondering why they have to wait in long lines shoeless, but I never knew their jobs could be so damn funny until I started checking out the TSA instagram.

Wow, people bring crazy shit into airports, even though they know they’ll be checked, and the TSA instagram catalogs some of the wildest and funniest.

I would have thought Batman flew private…


Who Knew So Many Ninjas Flew



“That thing? Oh I thought it was just a flash light.”


Lipstick taser, really? Someone took Despicable Me 2 too seriously.



Explanation, anyone?


We’re so glad you had fun in Denver…


This is a 60mm mortar round. I’m at a loss for words


So now you’ve seen some of the TSA profile‘s highlights, go check it out for the whole experience. Make sure to read the comments too, they may be even better than the pics.

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