A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Clothing.

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We at Life, Tailored are often given the opportunity to tell you how to be fashionable.  Having grown up with 2 brothers in rural-Minnesota, I can assume that saying something is “fashionable” is an instant scare tactic to some men when it comes to what they wear.   I am here to reassure you, Baggy Slacks and Clunky Shoes-Guy, that a man that can dress is the sexiest thing you can offer a girl.

Let’s be honest… Women have plenty to “help” them appear sexy: makeup to cover up blemishes, belts that cinch our waist to make us look smaller, yoga pants to show off our butts, and, of course, heels to make us look thinner and taller.  Men, fortunately or unfortunately, do not have these luxuries, so the best thing you can do is wear clothes that flatter your figure and show off your personality.  Come on… if you’re going to stare at our asses in yoga pants, you owe it to us to wear a nice fitting suit.

What Your Style Says About You


The menswear industry in the US is growing tremendously because you men are finally realizing the many benefits of dressing well; including getting a hot girl’s attention.  You can tell a lot about a man by how he dresses: If you are wearing a baggy suit, scuffed up shoes with a thick sole and round toe, and a 1995 looking fat tie, I can assume you probably came from a small town in the Midwest, you like to mow the lawn, and your favorite song is probably some country anthem you and your high school buddies used to drink to.

If you’re wearing a pink, popped collar, plaid shorts, and Birkenstocks, you’re quite possibly a d-bag that is stuck in the Abercrombie era of 7th grade.  Put it down, bro.


If you’re wearing a white tee shirt and jeans, you’re a low-maintenance guy that probably has a lot of personality to make up for the bland attire… Or you’re just as bland as the shirt on your back.  Either way, you would make a great friend, but living with your messy ass would be a nightmare.


Then, we have the guy in a well fitted, carefully chosen suit, with Italian loafers, a skinny tie and a tasteful pocket square.  This is a man I want to see more of.  This style tells me that you are put-together in every aspect of life.  You are likely successful, or you plan to be, you have friends, you’ve been on enough dates that you know how to treat a lady, and you have sophisticated taste.  You want to outwardly portray the confidence you show on the inside and convince everyone that you demand attention when you walk in to a room.  And because I will be on your arm, I will also be receiving that attention. Win-Win. If you are dressed well, it shows that you care about what other people think; not in a conceded way, but that you are conscientious of others thoughts and opinions.

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