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Why Eyewear is Overpriced and What You Can do to Fix it

Why Eyewear is so overpriced

Have you ever tried purchasing a nice pair of eyewear, only to discover that it costs several paychecks just for a pair of frames? Well it is not just you that is noticing this, the market is actually dominated by a few companies that are monopolizing the market, mainly a company called Luxottica. This company alone controls more than 80% of the entire eyewear market, as featured on Daily Mail. This allows them to set prices for all of the eyewear at extreme highs, as there are very few competitor companies to combat these prices. Whenever a competitor company comes close to threatening Luxottica’s sales, they buy them out or ban them from being sold in stores abroad, holding an almost entire monopoly over the market.

What you can do to change this

Fortunately, there is another company willing to combat the overpriced merchandise of Luxottica, and that is Howard Flacke Eyewear. They are trying to raise enough money to get their company off the ground so that they can sell great quality eyewear, at a price that people will not break the bank over. They are trying to reach a goal of $20,000 and every penny counts. This is a call to action, a chance for people to help overthrow the domination over this market, because although there are thousands of choices of eyewear, the prices are all over-inflated.Howard-Flacke-Eyewear

More about the company

Howard Flacke eyewear is made of genuine buffalo horn, which in today’s market, will cost anywhere from $1,000 up. If this company is able to jump start, they can actually make these frames available to the average working American. The genuine horn adapts to the temperature of your skin and molds to the shape of your face. These frames will last years, weigh little to nothing, are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

For more information about Howard Flacke eyewear click here, and help to make the eyeglass industry affordable for everyone.

For more information about Luxottica and how the market is being controlled, click here.Howard Flacke Eyewear Men Women

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